Welcome to Utah's Mighty Five, where adventure meets awe-inspiring landscapes! For those who live and breathe National Parks, these legendary destinations are no secret. From towering rock formations to breathtaking vistas, each park promises an unforgettable journey into nature's grandeur.

Embark on the ultimate road trip through Utah's majestic terrain, where the allure of exploration beckons at every turn. We've curated a guide to the top hikes in each park, along with the best places to stay after your long hikes. So, gear up and get ready to dive into the heart of Utah's wilderness – the adventure of a lifetime awaits!

Where to Fly Into?

Craving a quicker taste of the Mighty Five? Kick off your journey by flying into Las Vegas. From there, it's a mere 2.5-hour drive to the wonders of Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.

Tip: If you are looking for a place to stay near both Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon, check out Brian Head, Utah for a halfway point between the two national parks.

Looking for a bolder escapade?
Set your sights on the North or West of Utah. Fly into the vibrant hub of Salt Lake City or the adventure-packed Moab, and launch your expedition to the remaining three parks—Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches National Park.

Feeling extra adventurous? Opt for the ultimate road trip by flying into Salt Lake City, hitting all five national parks and ending your trip flying out of Las Vegas, and maybe hitting a casino or two!

Where to stay near Utah's 'Mighty Five' National Parks

Zion National Park

Zion National Park
Explore the breathtaking vastness of Zion National Park, this popular destination is one of the top ten most visited national parks in the U.S.A. Your journey begins with a mesmerizing drive through the iconic Mount Carmel tunnel, opening up to a breathtaking panorama of the Zion mountains and inviting you to lift your gaze to their majestic peaks. Zion offers a diverse range of hiking trails, each unveiling its own unique wonders. For those seeking a thrilling challenge and rewarding views, dare to conquer Angels Landing, where a daring path along the edge of the mountain will lead you to Observation Point for panoramic views of Zion. Later, venture into The Narrows for an extraordinary experience, don’t be afraid to get a bit wet as you’ll be exploring the towering gorges while wading through water. You’ll understand why millions of people head to Zion National Park hikes every year after you witness these majestic valleys and captivating views.

Where to stay near Zion National Park

We recommend staying at Springdale, Utah which lies at the gateway to Zion National Park. Here are some hotels and lodges to make your visit to Zion National Park truly remarkable.

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park
Bring your gaze down, and marvel at the hoodoos and canyons of Bryce National Park. Whether you choose to hike along the rim or descend into the canyon for an up-close encounter with these bewitching rock formations, Bryce Canyon promises an immersive experience. The term "hoodoo" truly comes to life here, where these tall, skinny rock shafts amaze visitors with their presence. Explore short, scenic trails like the popular Queens Garden Trail or embark on the ultimate Bryce adventure with the Navajo Loop Trail, coupled with the Queen’s Garden Trail, providing diverse scenery. Looking for a longer trek, the Rim Trail offers a different perspective, allowing you to witness the hoodoos from Fairyland Point to Bryce Point. Discover the magic of Bryce Canyon, where the bewitching hoodoos create an otherworldly landscape.

Where to stay near Bryce Canyon National Park

The best place to find accommodation is at Bryce Canyon City. This will place you right by the many amazing trails. Here are some cozy options for places to stay.

Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef
While often overshadowed by its neighboring parks, Capitol Reef offers a unique charm that's well worth your time. Spend about 3/4 of a day exploring the Fruita Area, where you can take a scenic drive, wander through orchards, embark on incredible hikes, and witness the famous Capitol Reef sunset. Take a detour off the main road to discover the park’s best-kept secrets like the Capitol Gorge Road. This 2.4-mile scenic drive treats you to breathtaking views and unique geological features. Experience the magic of sunset at Sunset Point, offering a panoramic view of cliffs and canyons bathed in a warm, golden glow. Capitol Reef is more than a park; it's a place of dramatic beauty, serenity, and remoteness, where the nearest traffic light is a staggering 78 miles away.

Where to stay near Capitol Reef National Park

Torrey, Utah is the nearest city to Capitol Reef National Park and has many options for you to stay, here are some of our highly recommended favorites.


Colorado River in the Canyonlands
Just a few exits out of Moab, you’ll find the captivating wilderness of Canyonlands National Park, where the Colorado River and its tributaries have sculpted a mesmerizing landscape of canyons. Divided into four distinct districts—Island in the Sky, The Needles, The Maze, and the rivers themselves—Canyonlands offers a desert atmosphere with diverse opportunities for exploration. The Island in the Sky district, the most visited section of the park, provides a fantastic overview with its mix of easy and challenging trails, perfect for a day of exploration. However, venture just around the corner to discover The Needles, where uniquely shaped sandstone rock formations create breathtaking landscapes, offering great hikes, scenic views, and a tranquil escape from the crowds of the busier Island in the Sky district. Whether you're captivated by the short hike to Mesa Arch or yearning for the more remote corners of Canyonlands, this national park promises an array of beauty and adventure waiting to be explored.

Where to stay near Canyonlands National Park

The closet city near Canyonlands National Park is Moab, Utah. This beautiful city is located ina perfect location to visit both Canyonlands and Arches National park. Here are some of our favorite places to stay in Moab.

Arches National Park

Get your cameras ready for when you head over to Arches National Park, a landscape graced with over 2,000 natural stone arches, soaring pinnacles, and giant balanced rocks. This red rock wonderland is a symphony of contrasting colors, landforms, and textures, creating a visual unlike any other on Earth. The park's crown jewel, Delicate Arch, beckons adventurers with a 52-foot arch that pictures will never be able to do justice, especially during the late afternoon when the changing light, clouds, and occasional thundershower transform the experience into an unforgettable spectacle. The park boasts the largest concentration of natural sandstone arches globally, home to the largest arch in North America, Landscape arch with a 306-foot opening.

Where to stay neat Arches National Park

Located near Canyonlands and Arches National Park, Moab, Utah is a gateway to these amazing rock formations. Choose from grand resorts or cozy inns for your stay in Utah.

Utah's Mighty Five Itinerary

  • First: Fly into Las Vegas to start your national parks tour by renting a car and driving to your first stop: Zion National Park in Springdale, Utah. We recommend staying at least three days in Zion.
  • Next: After exploring Angels Landing, drive over to Bryce Canyon City. While still beautiful, Bryce Canyon can be seen in a day or two.
  • Then: Your next stop is Torrey Utah, to marvel at all that Capitol Reef has to offer.
  • Lastly: Head over to Moab, Utah where you can spend a few days to explore both Canyonlands and Arches National Park. You can also reverse the itinerary starting in Moab and ending in Las Vegas!

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