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Milan like a local. Charlotte’s top 5 hotspots

September 28th, 2020
Charlotte is from Nothern Italy and has naturally spent a considerable amount of time exploring the city of Milan. 
The arts, history and socialising are some of the core elements of any Italian city, and Milan is no exception. 

The city is also home to a few surprises. Its canals are not as well known as the Duomo but are worth a visit to feel like a local. And then there’s the church decorated with bones. That one is for the brave! 

Charlotte’s top 5 hotspots
Duomo Square

Duomo Square is the icon of Milan. 

The Cathedral hosts more than 3,000 statues of religious figures as well as important cultural individuals such as Dante Alighieri and Primo Carneri (boxer). It’s the third-largest Cathedral in the world. It is possible to visit the roof, giving you a panoramic view of the centre of Milan.

Il Duomo Milan


The Last Supper

One of the most iconic paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci, painted in the 15th Century, is found in Santa Maria delle Grazie church. The church itself is a UNESCO heritage site. The painting is almost 9 meters long, and if you want to view it, a top tip is to book your tickets in advance as visitation is by pre-booking only. 

Cenacolo painting


Santuario di San Bernardino alle Ossa

The Santuario di San Bernardino alle Ossa is known for its ossuary; it’s located on the side of Basilica di Santo Stefano Maggiore. It is a small side chapel decorated with numerous human skulls and bones due to the lack of space in the nearby cemetery in 1200. 

Santuario di San Bernardino alle Ossa, Milan

The Navigli Area

The Navigli area is a canal system built to facilitate the transportation of materials to build the Duomo. It’s now a hip, well-known area that’s a popular place with the locals to unwind with an “aperitivo” or Happy Hour. These casual drinks are always accompanied by food that can easily fill you up for dinner.

The canals are still very characteristic, and it has a romantic feel at sunset. The beauty of this area is to get lost in small streets and hidden courtyards. 

Navigli area Milan

The National Museum of Science and Technology 

Science and religion don’t always go together, but you’ll find this science museum located in an old monastery. It’s the largest museum of science in Italy and is dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci, who lived part of his life in this city. The museum is divided into seven sectors, including communication, energy and transport. It’s home to historical trains, boats and even an entire submarine!

Milan science. museum



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