The 5 Best Personalised Mothers Day Gifts for 2024
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The 5 Best Personalised Mothers Day Gifts for 2024

Our mums have had year on year of the usual petrol station flowers and cheap Mother's Day cards, but this year it's time to crank it up a notch with our list of the 5 best personalised Mothers Day gifts. Although mums always say they don't want anything, they deserve something extra special as they do so much for us! But how are we actually meant to choose a personalised Mother's Day gift when they say they don't want anything? Don't worry, because our list is here to inspire you on choosing the perfect Mother's Day gift for your mum, gran, auntie, sister or any motherly figure in your life.

What are the 3 most common Mothers Day gifts?

a mum and daughter on mothers day in france
  • Flowers and Chocolate: A classic combo that never gets old. A bouquet of her favourite blooms paired with a box of delectable chocolates is a classic (and quite frankly overdone) Mother's Day gift.
  • Spa Day or Pampering Kit: Treating mum to a day of relaxation or a pampering kit is one of the most popular Mother's Day gifts. After all, who doesn't love a bit of self-care?
  • Personalised Jewellery: A piece of jewellery, engraved with a special message or the birthstones of her loved ones, is a thoughtful and enduring Mother's Day gift.

What flowers should you give on Mother's Day?

If you do opt to give your mum flowers as a Mother's Day gift, you should opt for a vibrant mix of her favourite blossoms, arranged to match her unique style. Whether it's elegant lilies, cheerful sunflowers, or fragrant roses, a personalised floral arrangement adds an extra touch to your Mother's Day gift. If you've got flowers in your garden, why not pick a bunch from there as a cheap Mother's Day gift - it's the thought that counts after all.

The 5 Best Personalised Mothers Day Gifts

1. A Hotel Gift Certificate for a B&B Stay

hotel stay as a gift for mother's day Being the all-around caregiver, your mum definitely needs some time off. So, what could be a better personalised Mother's Day gift than a hotel gift certificate that she can redeem on a well-deserved stay in a Bed and Breakfast. B&Bs have a unique charm that sets them apart from traditional hotels, and there are several reasons why people love to stay in them including:
  • Intimate and Personalised Experience:B&Bs often have a limited number of rooms, which allows for a more intimate and personalised experience. Guests receive individual attention from the hosts, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that feels like a home away from home.
  • Character and Charm: Many B&Bs are housed in historic buildings, cottages, or quaint countryside homes, each with its own unique character and charm. Staying in such a setting offers a chance to experience local history and culture up close.
  • Homely Ambiance: Unlike standard hotels, B&Bs typically feature cosy and tastefully decorated rooms that exude a sense of comfort and cosiness. The attention to detail in décor and furnishings contributes to a relaxing and homely ambience.
Therefore, a hotel gift voucher for a stay in a B&B can be a perfect personalised Mother's Day gift for the special woman in your life. It allows her to relax, be pampered, and enjoy a unique and personalised experience that she'll cherish for years to come. Whether it's a tranquil countryside retreat or a charming city B&B, the warmth and hospitality of these accommodations make them an exceptional choice for showing appreciation to mothers who do so much for their families. Here are our top B&B Hotelgift recommendations for your Mother's Day gift ideas list:
  • The Queensberry - Bath: The Queensberry is a characterful Georgian townhouse located in the north of Bath. It offers impeccable service and is known for having the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Bath, providing a luxurious and memorable experience.
  • The Bloomsbury - London: Situated on London's West End, The Bloomsbury Hotel is a luxurious option that offers complimentary bubbles and breakfast. Its central location makes it a perfect base for exploring the vibrant city of London.
  • Hyatt House - Manchester: Hyatt House is designed to provide a "home away from home" experience. The hotel offers full-service flats and studios, ensuring comfort and convenience for a relaxing stay in Manchester.
  • Pembroke Townhouse - Dublin: The Pembroke Townhouse is a charming B&B located in the heart of Dublin. It offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for a relaxing stay in the vibrant Irish capital.
  • Number 38 Clifton - Bristol: Number 38 Clifton is a stylish B&B situated in Bristol's trendy Clifton neighbourhood. With its chic décor and personalised service, it provides a delightful retreat for a special Mother's Day celebration.With these wonderful B&B options, you can give your mother the gift of relaxation, comfort, and indulgence on her special day. Booking through Hotelgift ensures that she can choose the perfect destination and date to enjoy her well-deserved retreat.
With these wonderful B&B options, you can give your mother the gift of relaxation, comfort, and indulgence on her special day. Booking through Hotelgift ensures that she can choose the perfect destination and date to enjoy her well-deserved retreat.

2. A Hotel Voucher for a Rejuvenating Spa Weekend in Scotland

hotel spa for mum is the best mother's day gift Wouldn’t it be nice for your mum, the ultimate caretaker, to be cared for? A spa weekend in Scotland can be the best Mother's Day gift, offering a perfect blend of relaxation, rejuvenation, and breathtaking natural beauty. Scotland's serene landscapes, rich history, and renowned hospitality make it an ideal destination to pamper and indulge your mother. Here are five Scottish spas offered by Hotelgift that you could treat your mum to for an unforgettable Mother's Day experience:
  • The Balmoral Spa - Edinburgh: Located in the heart of Edinburgh, The Balmoral Spa offers a luxurious retreat for relaxation and renewal. With a wide range of treatments and facilities, including a Finnish sauna and Turkish steam room, your mother will be spoiled with indulgent choices.
  • Glenapp Castle Spa - Ayrshire: Nestled in the enchanting Ayrshire countryside, Glenapp Castle Spa provides an idyllic setting for a rejuvenating escape. Your mother can immerse herself in the tranquility of the castle's surroundings while enjoying bespoke treatments and personalised care.
  • Stobo Castle - Peeblesshire: Stobo Castle is a renowned spa destination known for its award-winning facilities and picturesque setting. Surrounded by rolling hills and lush gardens, this spa offers a variety of treatments and experiences to ensure a truly blissful Mother's Day getaway.
  • Cameron Spa - Loch Lomond: Set against the stunning backdrop of Loch Lomond, Cameron Spa offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Your mother can indulge in luxurious treatments and unwind in the spa's peaceful ambiance.
  • Isle of Eriska Spa - Argyll: The Isle of Eriska Spa, located on a private island in Argyll, provides a secluded and exclusive retreat. Surrounded by natural beauty and offering top-notch facilities, this spa promises an unforgettable experience for your mother.
A spa weekend in Scotland not only allows your mother to unwind and recharge but also provides an opportunity to explore Scotland's charming towns, scenic landscapes, and historic sites. Whether she wishes to indulge in relaxing spa treatments, take leisurely walks in nature, or savour delicious Scottish cuisine, a spa weekend in Scotland will create cherished memories that she will treasure forever. By gifting your mother a spa experience with a hotel gift card, you're giving her the freedom to choose her preferred Scottish spa and customise her perfect Mother's Day celebration. With the combination of luxurious pampering and the enchanting beauty of Scotland, this thoughtful Mother's Day gift is sure to make her feel loved and appreciated on her special day.

3. A Fancy Brunch

mother and daughter having brunch together What could be better than a chatty brunch/lunch as a gift? This Mother’s Day, take your mum on a fancy lunch cruise, or have a luxurious Mother's Day afternoon tea. Use this opportunity to bond with her over her life and let her know you have the best mum in the entire world. If you’re wondering where to go for a hearty brunch, here are some of the best daytime cafes and restaurants in the country:
  • In London: Enjoy a bottomless Asian-fusion brunch at The Aubrey (inside the Mandarin Oriental). Couple that with flowing champagne and sake, and you’re set to have a giddy time with your mum.
  • In Edinburgh: The Pantry is high on every list of hip brunch restaurants. Try their unforgettable eggs benedict, and soak in Edinburgh’s cobblestone streets in the Scottish capital.
  • In Belfast: Have a fantastic coastal breakfast in Ballygally Castle. Have an authentic Irish meal for Mother’s Day (dessert included) with a magnificent bay view.
  • In Dublin: Castleknock has the most exquisite afternoon tea in Ireland. Have mum savour sumptuous treats while sipping delicious tea here, and you’ll wonder why you haven’t visited this place sooner.
Speaking of Ireland, we’ve compiled a list of luxurious places to stay while visiting the region. Wherever you decide to take your mum this year, ensure she has the most pampering experience because mums deserve the best!

4. An Airline Gift Card

mother and daughter travelling together Motherhood entails sacrifices. Has your mum paused travelling ever since she became a mother? Is there a city your mum always wanted to see but hasn’t found the time to after all those years? If that sounds like her, it’s time to be the golden child and give her the trip she’s always dreamed of by gifting her a flight gift card. You can personalise this gift voucher with a special photo of the two of you and a sweet message telling her how much you love her. When you give her the airline voucher, she'll be able to redeem it on over 400 top airlines that fly to over 980 destinations worldwide. Our suggestions for the best destinations to visit with your mum include: Mother’s Day is also the perfect opportunity to catch up with the skiing season in Europe before Spring arrives. Take your mum on an adventureful holiday in the Alps, the Sierra Nevada, or the Dolomites, and stay in the best ski hotels in Europe. Make your mum feel special on Mother’s Day, and help her experience new and exciting destinations! We’re sure she will talk about it for years to come.

5. Acts of service

hotel gift card for mother's day If you’re crunched for time, the most realistic present to give your mum is to help her with the daily routine. Make her breakfast in bed, volunteer to do the dishes, or cut the grass in her garden. Acts of service go a long way for your mum, as it shows that you care to alleviate worries from her shoulders. We’d also like to note that you shouldn’t be nice to your mum only on Mother’s Day. Take this opportunity to see what else you can help her in the future, and make Mum feel loved daily. What if your mum’s love language is not Acts of Service but gift-giving, and you’re just hours away from Mother’s Day? Don’t fret! Hotelgift offers eGifts and PDF printouts that arrive within seconds of ordering. Nifty, right? Get an experience gift for mum, and create lasting memories with her this Mother’s Day!

Hotelgift: The Best Personalised Mother's Day Gift

Still looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Look no further than a hotel voucher. It's the ultimate way to make your mum feel extra special by letting her choose her dream destination and experience an unforgettable getaway. With a huge selection of hotels worldwide, she can pick the perfect spot, whether it's a relaxing spa retreat, exciting city adventure, or cozy countryside stay. The best part? You can personalise the hotel voucher to match her unique tastes and preferences. And don't worry if you're a bit last-minute; with eGifts and PDF printouts, it's super convenient to surprise her in a snap. Let your mum know how much you love and appreciate her with Hotelgift, the gift of cherished memories and boundless joy on this Mother's Day.

Which Personalised Mother's Day Gift Idea will You Choose?

We love our mums not only because they take us to school or listen to our relationship problems. We also love them because of their selfless dedication to furthering our lives in every way possible. That’s why mums deserve all the thanks in the world, especially on Mother’s Day. Whether you’re taking her to Scotland, France,  London or just helping her around the house, don’t forget to tell your mum how much you love her.