Have you been lucky enough to get one of our gift cards for hotels? With over 750,000 incredible hotels to choose from you're bound to be spoiled for choice! In this blog we'll outline exactly how you can redeem your gift card for hotels to book the holiday of your dreams - just how your recipient intended!

What are Hotel Gift Vouchers?

a hotel gift card in Amsterdam
Hotel gift vouchers from Hotelgift are personalised gift cards that can be given as a special treat on any gifting occasion including:

Because our hotel vouchers give the power to the recipient to choose exactly how to use their hotel gift card, they provide the ultimate flexibility and allow your recipient to book a hotel stay that truly resonates with their needs. Do they want a cosy staycation within the UK?  Fly to Europe for a romantic getaway? Take their pooch to a dog-friendly hotel? Or how about booking a night in a haunted hotel? With over 1,200 hotel brands to choose from with only one gift card for hotels, they truly are the best gift for travel lovers.

But if you’re reading this, it probably means that you're already a very proud owner of a gift card for hotels, so let's jump right into how you can redeem it and secure your dream hotel stay.

How to Redeem Your Hotel Gift Card

To redeem your Hotelgift voucher, just follow these easy steps:

1. Go to the Hotelgift Website

redeem your gift card for hotels via our website
First things first, if you've been given a hotel gift card, follow the instructions attached and head to our website (luckily you're already here!) If you can't remember the exact URL, no need to worry as it's always written on the gift card when sent. You can also type redeem Hotelgift into Google to bring up our website.


2. Go to the Hotelgift Redeem Page

redeem your hotel gift card on our redeem page
Once you arrive on our website, look for the Redeem page. You should find it on the top menu of our website and in the footer.

3. Browse our Hotelgift List of Hotels

Once on the Hotelgift Redeem page, you can view our extensive list of Hotelgift hotels. Take a moment to explore the wide array of destinations and hotels available. From charming boutiques, wedding hotels, beach front stays to luxurious resorts, the choices are virtually endless with our hotel gift cards. From premium options to affordable favourites at home or abroad, you can explore a world of possibilities that include:

Via our Hotelgift redeem page, you can select all your preferences for your dream hotel stay. Want to stay within the UK, explore Europe or jet-set internationally? It’s all up to you! Need some inspiration for a destination? Head to our blog where you can get expert tips for travellers and unique holiday ideas.

4. Choose Your Dream Hotel

after redeeming her hotel gift card a woman enters her hotel room
Time to narrow down your options by choosing your dream hotel. Whether you want to book a hotel in:

We have a hotel waiting for you. And no need to rush, take your time deciding what hotel to go for.  Browse the photos, check the reviews and scan the hotel's amenities. Once you're 100% sure, select your room type and add it to your Hotelgift shopping basket. But if you still really can't decide, consider the occasion for which you received your hotel gift card. If it was a wedding gift, perhaps a romantic honeymoon is in order. If it's for a milestone birthday, choose a city known for its vibrant nightlife and cultural attractions.

5. Go to Your Basket

Are you planning multiple trips? No problem, you can add as many hotels to your basket as you like. Once you've added all your hotel stays to your basket, go to your shopping basket. Here you can finish your booking by filling in your details for your stay. Once you've done this, just confirm your details to continue.

6. Redeem Your Hotelgift

Once you've found the perfect hotel and entered all your details, click Redeem. This will lead you to the redemption process and guide you through the remaining steps so you can book your dream hotel stay.

7. Enter Your Unique Hotel Voucher Code

a woman redeems her hotel gift card online
Now, you'll be prompted to enter the unique hotel gift voucher code provided. This code is your ticket to an incredible hotel stay, so be sure to have it handy. The hotel voucher code serves as a secure way to ensure that you're redeeming the correct gift. It also helps our system verify and process your booking smoothly.

If you still have money remaining on your hotel gift card, it's no problem. You can just use the remaining amount for your next trip - where do you think you'll head to next? Greece, France or The Netherlands perhaps? Or if you'd rather stay closer to home, why not plan a UK staycation with your other half to the likes of Edinburgh or Inverness?

Our hotel gift vouchers cater to all your hotel wants and needs. And no need to worry if your hotel voucher doesn't cover the whole cost of your hotel stay since you can easily pay the remaining amount with the payment method of your choice.

8. Enjoy Your Hotel Stay With Hotelgift!

laughing couple on their couples first holiday
Congratulations! You've successfully redeemed your Hotelgift voucher and booked your dream accommodation. Now, all that's left to do is pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable hotel stay. Remember to bring along your confirmation details and any special requirements you discussed during the booking process. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable stay from the moment you arrive.

Choosing Experiences over Things with Hotelgift

a woman gives her mum a hotelgift voucher
We hope that our easy redemption process has proven that we have made turning a gift card into a cherished hotel stay an absolute breeze! From choosing your destination to booking your room, our process is designed to be simple and stress-free. If you have any questions during your stay, don't hesitate in reaching out to our customer service team who are available 24/7 to help you! You could even send a gift card for hotels back to your recipient as a thank you gift!