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What’s not to love about the historic and perfectly chaotic city of Rome? The exquisite restaurants, the ancient ruins, and the culturally diverse museums will make you want to return.

The classic city filled with history

When in Rome…

Nobody can deny that Rome has an extremely rich history and you can see this all around the city. You’ll stumble upon ruins of buildings that are thousands of years old, but at the next glimpse, you’ll see a fashionable older man driving the newest Lamborghini. You’ll find the most delicious pizza and pasta you’ve ever tasted in some anonymous little restaurant, but also the liveliest afternoon drinks at one of the many ultra-modern bars. This is Rome – the home of contrasts. That’s why everyone should have visited Rome at least once in their life!

Explore the city of the Antique, Renaissance, and Baroque

With more than 260 hotels in Rome, we assure you that anyone can find a hotel of their liking with our hotel gift card! Our hotel voucher covers everything from cool boutique hotels in the bustling city centre, close to the Trevi Fountain, to beautiful traditional hotels in the Vatican and tiny hideouts by the beach in Ostia. Hotelgift has hotels suitable for everyone and is the perfect gift for someone in need of a break.

highlight of Rome

Colosseum is the iconic ancient gladiator arena and our guess is that most people recognize what it looks like. It has been standing in the city center of Rome for more than 2000 years!
Trevi Fountain
When in Rome, you’ll have to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain. This is the idea of most tourists visiting Rome and even though you can’t miss this attraction, you should go very early in the morning.
Vatican Museums
De Christelijke kunst museums staat in het Vaticaan en wordt elk jaar door zes miljoen mensen bezocht. De museums kunnen gevonden worden in Vaticaanstad, het kleinste land ter wereld.
Roman Forum
The Roman Forum can be called the heart of the Roman Empire. This is where ruins of several important ancient government buildings are and have been called the most celebrated meeting place in the world, and in all history!
St. Peter’s Basilica
The Christian art museum is held in the Vatican and 6 million people visit it every year! The museums can be found in the Vatican City, which actually is the smallest country in the world. Who would have ever thought that a country could be found inside a city?
The Pantheon used to be a Roman temple, now it serves as a church is free for visitors to enter. Here you find an architecture that is as magnificent as that of the Colosseum and therefor visit-worthy.

263 hotels in Rome

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