In recent years, corporate gifting within the US has experienced a remarkable transformation. Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of going above and beyond to appreciate their employees, business partners, and associates. Traditional corporate gifts, often mundane and uninspiring, have made way for a new era of luxury corporate gifting. Businesses across the United Kingdom have embraced this trend, understanding that the act of gifting can be a powerful tool for boosting morale, enhancing loyalty, and creating a more positive atmosphere in the workplace.

Why Should You Buy Luxury Corporate Gifts

The benefits of treating your employees to corporate gifts and away days has been proven time and time again to boost team morale, support employee retention and just increase a more positive atmosphere in the office in general. But more often than not, corporate gifts are bland, drab and not something anyone would really be pleased with. That's why we're urging you to take it up a notch by choosing a luxury corporate gift that truly reflects how much you value your staff.

Hotel Vouchers: Your Luxury Corporate Gifting Solution

luxury corporate gift ideas a hotel gift
If you're searching for luxury corporate gifts to reward your hard-working employees, look no further than our branded corporate gift vouchers. Our corporate gifts offers your team the luxurious and personalised experience that they deserve by granting them access to thousands of global hotels including many high-end options.

A comfortable hotel stay is an ideal way for your employees to unwind, recharge and take a well-deserved break. A Hotelgift voucher not only provides a world of new experiences but also encourages them to spend quality time with their loved ones. Plus, the flexibility of a hotel voucher allows them to choose from over 750,000 hotels in the US and abroad. From city views in NYC, and European dog-friendly hotels to German wellness retreats, with a hotel voucher, you won't need to worry about buying one gift to please everyone.

Enjoy Flexible Corporate Gifting Options

Hotelgift offers different corporate gifting options to suit your preferences and the needs of your employees:

  • eGift: The fastest and most eco-friendly option, the eGift will be delivered to your recipient's email instantly or at a scheduled date and time. It's a perfect last-minute gift for surprise rewards or urgent occasions.
  • Physical Hotel Voucher: For a more tangible experience, you can opt for a physical gift voucher. It will be beautifully packaged and sent to your chosen address, adding a touch of elegance to the gifting process.
  • Printable PDF: If you prefer to deliver the corporate gift personally, you can choose the printable PDF option. After ordering, you'll receive the voucher as a PDF file, ready to be printed and handed to your deserving employees.

A Sustainable Corporate Gift
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In addition to being a luxury corporate gift, a hotel gift voucher doubles as an eco-friendly gift. Alongside two other options, you can choose an eco-friendly eGift. An eGift is a digital voucher delivered directly to your recipient's email inbox, reducing the need for physical materials, such as paper and packaging. By going digital, you can proudly promote your company's commitment to eco-conscious practices and help the planet.

Luxury Corporate Gifts with an Impact
But that's not all! Thanks to our partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project, your luxury corporate gift is even more impactful. With each hotel gift card purchased, you support global reforestation efforts. Not only does this initiative help restore vital ecosystems and combat climate change, but it also provides local communities with stable income and valuable job opportunities. By choosing Hotelgift, you can show your team that their dedication is appreciated while contributing to a greener future.

Let our 24/7 Customer Support Provide You with a Stress-Free Experience
At Hotelgift, we take pride in providing exceptional customer service. If your employees need assistance with redeeming their corporate gift card or have any questions, our customer service team is available 24/7 to help. We want to ensure that everyone has a smooth and enjoyable experience, from the moment they receive their gift to their stay at their chosen hotel.

How Your Team Can Use Their Luxury Corporate Gift

luxury corporate gift ideas a hotel stay

Once you've treated your team to our luxury hotel vouchers, they'll be blown away by the choice of luxury hotels in the UK, Europe and further afield. To help them with their decision, we've compiled some of the best luxury hotels that they'll be able to enjoy once they redeem their corporate gift card.

Redeem Our Hotel Vouchers on these Luxury Hotels

1. London - The Ritz London

luxury corporate gift ideas the ritz.
Your employees can stay at The Ritz London to immerse themselves in timeless elegance and impeccable service. Situated in Mayfair, this legendary London hotel offers opulent rooms, exquisite dining, and a grand afternoon tea experience fit for royalty. Here, your team can appreciate London's charm while being pampered in one of its most prestigious establishments.

2. Edinburgh - The Balmoral

the balmoral hotel edinburgh
When you buy a hotel voucher as a luxury corporate gift, your employee can redeem it at one of Scotland's finest hotels. That's right, one of our corporate gift vouchers opens the doors to stunning The Balmoral in Edinburgh, a luxurious retreat with a majestic castle view. Your employees will be captivated by the hotel's rich history, sophisticated ambiance and exceptional hospitality. After exploring the enchanting streets of Edinburgh, they can indulge in award-winning dining and rejuvenate in the hotel's serene spa.

3. Liverpool - Titanic Hotel Liverpool

hotel vouchers for the titanic hotel liverpool
For a unique and stylish experience, your employees can stay at the Titanic Hotel Liverpool, an architectural gem within a historic warehouse. This chic hotel offers spacious rooms, an impressive spa and picturesque views of the waterfront. Your team will be enchanted by Liverpool's vibrant culture and maritime heritage while enjoying the utmost comfort and luxury.

4. Paris - Le Meurice

Pamper your team with a stay at Le Meurice in Paris, a masterpiece of luxury and artistry. With its rich heritage and proximity to the Louvre, Tuileries Garden, and the Opéra Garnier, Le Meurice provides an extraordinary experience in the City of Lights. From the elegantly appointed rooms to the Michelin-starred cuisine, this hotel will transport your employees to a world of refined indulgence.

5. Amsterdam - Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

redeem your corporate gift card at a stay at the wardolf astoria amsterdam
A hotel gift certificate offers an exceptional stay at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, housed in six monumental 17th-century canal palaces. Your employees will be enchanted by the hotel's grandeur and sophistication, complemented by stunning garden views and the serene ambience of Amsterdam's canal district. The city's cultural treasures and vibrant nightlife will provide the perfect backdrop for their unforgettable stay.

6. New York - The Plaza

 the plaza hotel new york
A Hotelgift voucher unlocks the doors to one of New York City's most iconic hotels, The Plaza. Located at the heart of Manhattan, this timeless landmark has welcomed royalty, celebrities, and discerning travellers for over a century. Your employees will revel in the elegance of The Plaza's classic rooms and suites, while being within reach of attractions like Central Park and Fifth Avenue.

7. Dubai - Atlantis, The Palm

For a truly extravagant corporate gifting experience, your employees can redeem their luxury corporate gift at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai. This iconic resort offers stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and a plethora of world-class amenities. From underwater suites and thrilling water parks to gourmet dining and a private beach, Atlantis, The Palm promises an unforgettable stay in the heart of Dubai's vibrant landscape. Your team will bask in the opulence and grandeur of this luxurious paradise, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Go the Extra Mile with our Luxury Corporate Gifts

So, there you have it! I bet you never knew that you could offer your team the chance to stay in some of the world's best five-star hotels. So, why not go the extra mile by gifting a luxury corporate gift card that will let your employees, business partner or colleague get some well-deserved R&R. Because thanks to our luxury corporate gifts, your team will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the world's finest luxury hotels in top cities like London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, New York, Paris, and Amsterdam. But that's not all, this hotel gift card has heaps of other benefits that will make your team feel valued, read on to find out more. We hope we've convinced you that our hotel vouchers are truly the best luxury corporate gifts for your team. Not only will you reward your employees with unbeatable choice and flexibility, but you also help the environment. So why waste any more time? Reward your hard-working team with this luxury gift