It's time to send the boring envelopes and cash wedding gifts into oblivion and brighten up the big day with adventure and creativity. In this article, we'll lift the veil and reveal why it's high time to say goodbye to the tradition of ordinary monetary gifts and instead dive into the world of luxury wedding gifts that the newly wed couple is sure to love!

How much to spend on a wedding gift?

The question of how much money to spend on a wedding gift often arises. There is no set rule for this, as the amount depends heavily on the personal relationship with the bride and groom, their own financial situation, and regional traditions. Therefore, it is advisable to choose an amount that fits the occasion and comes from the heart, whether a generous gesture or symbolic support.

Do I give a wedding gift?

Traditionally the answer is yes. Some couples will insist on a no gift wedding, while others will attach a registry to their wedding websites. At the end of the day, giving a thoughtful wedding gift is a way to show the loving couple how excited you are for this new chapter in their lives.

6 Luxury Wedding Gifts for the Loving Couple

1. Treat the newlyweds to a stay at a 5 star hotel
5 star hotel stay with balcony view

After months of stressful wedding planning, every couple dreams of the start of their honeymoon with endless days of relaxation and indulgences. Make their much needed honeymoon even more enjoyable by gifting them a hotel gift card. By giving them a wedding gift hotel stay the loving couple will be able to redeem this personalized voucher at over 700,000 hotels worldwide, making for a truly luxury wedding gift for couples.

2. Support their endless sweet tooth
chocolate of the month

Don't let them forget the sweetness of their wedding too soon. With a chocolate of the month subscription box, the newly wed couple will look forward to the monthly reminder of their sweet love for each other making this the best luxury wedding gifts.

3. Bump their honeymoon up to first class
champagne on flight

Before they jet off to some far off honeymoon, give them the gift of first class tickets. With a flight gift card they can select form over 400 airlines to fly with to over 980,000 global locations. Personalize the custom couple gift with thoughtful message and photo, and they'll be sipping champagne in the sky in no time. They are sure to appreciate this unique  experience gift for newlyweds!

4. Add some spice to the newly weds dinner plans
gourmet culinary class

After settling into their first home as a married couple, the happy pair will be looking forward to enjoying home cooked meals together. By giving them a gourmet cooking class they can use the new chef skills they learned in their own home. This luxury wedding gift idea will allow them to spend quality time cooking together in their first few months of marriage.

5. Delight the couple with a deep nights sleep
green silk bed sheets

Nothing is more sacred then a good nights sleep, and part of that restful experience is soft cool bed sheets. Adding a touch of luxury to the couples nighttime routine with fine threaded silk sheets.

6. Send a *cheers* to the rest of their lives
wedding cheers

While there might not be any leftover champagne from the wedding, the happy couple is sure to have a few more things to celebrate about. Gift them a beautiful set of crystal champagne flutes so they will never be short on reliving their special day.

Wedding Gifts They'll Cherish Forever

Hotelgift Wedding
Now that we've given you 6 luxury wedding gift ideas, it's up to you to pick the best one for the new married couple. Will you send them to a Croatian Villa overlooking the Adriatic sea or make their honeymoon extra special by flying first class? No matter what you choose, they'll be sure to love this luxurious wedding gift!