5 Wonderful Destinations In Europe For A Fine Autumn Break

Autumn vacationing is different from summer trips. It rains more, it’s colder and the days are getting shorter. That shouldn’t stop you from traveling to another city though! Autumn also means that the high season is over, so it’s less crowded, the prices lower and the weather more comfortable. Besides that, autumn colors suit every city and it offers activities that you won’t be able to do in summer. Here are 5 cities that should be on your autumn travel list.

1 – London

London has always been on the top for popular city breaks in Europe, all year long. It might just be a little bit nicer during autumn. Yes, it rains a lot, but the parks are extra enchanting with their bold autumn colors and squirrels hastily chasing around. London is home to plenty of museums when it gets really rainy and besides that, what’s more, comforting than sipping a hot cup of English tea (accompanied with English sweets) when it’s raining outside?

2 – Paris

The city of love seems to be a little more romantic in autumn when the lights come out sooner and the city looks more magical. Paris is known for its romantic spots and places and they are even more romantic when you have to come closer to each other to warm up a bit. If you’re not warm enough, you can actually take place on the heated terraces that are always too crowded with tourists in summer. That way you can experience Paris like a true local.

3 – Amsterdam

Another hotspot, in general, is Amsterdam, but it’s just as fine in summer as it is in Autumn. Can you imagine riding a boat in one of the many canals under red and orange colored trees? You should take a piece of typical Dutch apple pie with you because it’s nothing similar to the ones you know and accompanies the gray weather perfectly. Amsterdam is also manifested with cultural activities that are specially designed for the Autumn season, like museums that are open at night is the perfect getaway for night owls.  

4 – Berlin

Berlin is one of the best stops for city breaks you’ll probably spend indoors. Berlin is buzzing with coffee shops and they have a wide variety of museums to go through on rainy days. As you could imagine, Berlin has a rich history so there’s plenty to learn in museums. To take a break from all this, sit down in one of the many cozy coffee shops where they sell delicious German delights. Just like Amsterdam, the city households many exhibitions and cultural events to keep you busy. One example is the Festival of Lights, where different artists showcase light focused arts. 

5 – Lisbon

If you’re looking for a little warmer climate in the middle of Autumn for your city break, Lisbon is a great choice. Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, it’s comfortably around 20 degrees Celsius in the middle of Autumn. This makes it perfect for exploring castles and picturesque neighborhoods. The parks in Lisbon are obviously beautifully colored, but if you feel like doing something completely different you can head to the beach to soak your feet in the sea while you still can.

These five cities will let you enjoy your autumn city break as much as it would in summer. Don’t let the rain and cold get to you,  enjoy the many cultural activities and colorful parks instead. It’s the perfect getaway to relax and do everything in your pace. It’s perfect to go on autumn city breaks together too! Surprise someone with an autumn city break with a Hotel Gift voucher. With more than 110,000 hotels worldwide and hundreds in these cities, you’re sure to find the hotel that suits your preferences. You can learn more about it here.

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