Why South Korea Should Be The Next Place You Visit

South Korea has been talked about online a lot lately. And all with a good reason – it truly is one one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

If you’re not convinced by pretty pictures alone, we have put together some legitimate reasons why you should redeem your Hotelgift exactly there!

1.The Food

To all my foodies out there, South Korea has some of the most taste bud blowing food you will ever have! People strongly advocate kalbi – Korean-style meat, their rice dishes, bibimbap and hand cut noodle soups. Prepare not to want to leave!

2.The History

South Korea has an extremely fascinating history of over a thousand years. Natural isolation of Korean Peninsula meant that this region did not embark on such significant changes as the others. If you’re hunting for some culture you can find a ‘museum without walls’ in Korea, a beautiful Gyeongbokugung Palace in Seoul and various tombs and temples which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

3.Retreat and Unwind

In South Korea, you can treat yourself to a temple stay. Try living like a Buddhist monk for a day. Attend the scheduled meal times and meditation sessions, and enjoy the well-deserved you time.

4.The Subway

Never thought of subways as well lit and organised? It’s because you have not seen South Korean subways yet. Not only they are clean, have high-speed wi-fi and very easy to navigate, South Korean subway markets are also a bargain shopping hotspot too.

5.The Islands!

Tired of the city buzz? Head Jejudo – a volcanic island, barely anyone knows about. It has a fantastic, huge botanical garden where you can really unplug (especially as it is one of the very few places with no wi-fi). Enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and greenery. Recharge your batteries.

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