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Want to see if it’s really coming home? Do it where the view is better

July 11th, 2018

WorldCup final is just around the corner, so we put together some of the most breathtaking rooftop bars around Moscow so you can support your favourites while making most of your stay in the beautiful capital.

1. O2 Lounge


Want to indulge in some caviar while sipping on gin-infused tea? Head to the O2 lounge on the 12th floor of the Ritz-Carlton hotel. This bar serves cocktails inspired by the Imperial Russia while keeping the selection contemporary and global. This place is for everyone from luxury seafood lovers to street food enthusiasts accommodated for by a O2 Sunset truck located on the same floor.

2. White Rabbit


Netflix lovers will recognise this place from the well known series Chef’s Table. Talented Vladimir Mukhin continuously creates modern twists on Russian classic dishes including the Medovik cake you have to try while you are visiting Moscow. He even created a special vegan set made of just vegetables, fruits and nuts as he believes vegetables to be the “food of the future”. While this would not be the cheapest option, the authentic Russian fusion cuisine and the gorgeous view of the city make it worth your while.

3. Roof Bar


Roof Bar founded by Masha Emelyanova is placed on the top of the shopping centre, but don’t let that throw you off as the venue offers state of the art food and cocktails, and has a gorgeous design. It’s separated into two areas: the Beach Zone – where you can relax on the real green lawn (much needed for those deprived of sun and nature like us) and sun beds, and the tucked away Restaurant Zone featuring the comfiest sofas. The best part is that you can enjoy the atmosphere and very Instagrammable cocktails while watching your favourite football teams play, as Roof Bar shows live screenings of the 2018 World Cup on a big screen. 

4. Time Out Bar


Another local gem is a Time Out Bar. This place offers a 16 page drinks menu, all of which are designed for a specific time of the day be that lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. The bar takes over two floors and gives the visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of the city.  Planned by a dutch interior designer, this space has a minimalist vibe while retaining authenticity with the help of some historical decor. So go ahead and take some time out from the noise of the busy city and head to this stunning rooftop. 

5. Sky Lounge


Follow the steps of Tom Cruise and Justin Timberlake and head to Sky Lounge – one of the city’s favourite rooftop gardens. There, you can get a gorgeous view of the city while tasting some black caviar or Russian dumplings with a twist if you’re very hungry! 22 floors away from the streets you can find a new spring menu including a tempting sorrel soup with quail eggs and my all time favourite Russian stuffed crepes with orange sauce. No wonder Justin Timberlake left them a Thank You note…

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