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How to Master Travel packing - This is What You’ve Always Wanted to Know

August 10th, 2017


Let’s get this straight. This blog is not for the fashionistas under us. Rather more, it’s for the ones who want spend the least possible time on packing for their travels. Convenience, speed and ease are key for efficient travel packing. Let me tell you how to make sure you travel light without the hassle and still have everything at hand. These are 5 tips to master travel packing.


1 – Plan everything

The most ideal situation would be to know which places you’re going to visit in advance. This way you can check the weather conditions for every place you’re going. If you’re going to backpack, you’ll probably see a lot of places under different weather conditions. In those cases, you’ll need different clothes and necessities. If you’re going to one place, you’ll probably need much less. Anyhow, try to make a list of everything you’ll need to take with you. This way you’ll never forget to take anything with you.


2 – Keep spare essentials in your go-to suitcase

If you go traveling often (or decide to go on the very last minute), it could be very handy to have a separate pouch with all the things you’ll use on a daily basis. Keep this as your travel essentials, in the spot next to the daily-use products you use in your non-traveling daily life. By keeping this pouch in a separate place where it’s easy to grab, you’ll have all your essentials by hand whenever you’re running out of time to pack. It’s called essentials for a reason!


3 – Don’t bring too much

When there’s less to take with you, there’s less to forget right? The whole point of traveling is not worrying about forgetting things you think you’ll need. Obviously, this is easier if you made a list like in 1. It’s made even easier if you only bring the least possible. Brining only one pair of underpants might be extreme, but do you really need 5 shirts if you could go with two? Shoes are particular important to mention, because these take the most place! Think carefully about how much you really need. Not only does it make your suitcase lighter, it will also save time in choosing your outfit!


4 – Pack efficiently

It could occur that you really need (or want) to bring more stuff, just because you want to be sure. In those cases, you have to pack efficiently. There’s only so much that fits within a suitcase. One pro for packing efficiently is to roll-up your clothes, rather than folding it. It will save you a lot of space, try it out! If even that won’t cut it, vacuum it! “What?!”, Yes, there are special bags where you suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner. It will leave no air in your bag with clothes and less empty air in your suitcase. Must-have for massive packing!


5 – Fake it till you make it

Everyone who has been on a city trip and doesn’t want to pay a ridiculous fee for bringing hold baggage, knows what a pain it can be to fit everything in hand baggage instead. Besides making priorities in what to bring (it’s really important as you’ve noticed), you could also just bring it with you outside your baggage, by wearing it. Put those 2 t-shirts and sweater on, keep them next to the ones you have in your baggage. Even if it’s a 30 degrees outside, you’ll only have to wear it until you’re through security. After that you can put everything off and stuff it in your suitcase. It’s the easiest trick to keep your hand baggage under the weight limit!


These were the 5 tips to master travel packing. You’ll notice that you get better at it, every time you travel. Even though it’s not always easy to travel light, just remember that’s about the travel and not about what you bring. You can always wash your clothes or buy a new toothbrush. It doesn’t matter if your hair is blown up because you didn’t bring your hair dryer. It’s all about creating laughter and having a wonderful time traveling!


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