The Only Brunch Boat You Will Board. Amsterdam Gems From Hotelgift.

Brunch has quickly become the new popular craze. Brought to us from Australia and New Zealand, everyone became a fan of some avocado and poached eggs on toast or oven baked eggs.

The Boat

While there are so many brunch places offering the same thing: smoothie bowls and omelettes, this cafe’s brunch is unlike anything you will ever find elsewhere. G’s Really Nice Place offers visitors and residents of Amsterdam the only brunch boat in the world.

Whatever the weather, this cafe takes their customers on a cruise around Amsterdam, so they can do some sightseeing while tucking into that perfectly runny yolk.

The Brunch

G’s pick you up at Keizersgracht and take you on an hour and a half sail around the A’Dam canals. This brunch offers a set menu of a main, an alcoholic drink and a soft drink. To round up the trip you will be offered some tea or coffee and a small dessert  – a Tony chocolate bar.

We were incredibly lucky as the day we boarded the brunch boat was amazing. The sun was shining so the roof was open and you could really enjoy the weather while having some yummy food.

While the actual G’s cafe in De Pijp offers great vegan options, the boat was lacking in the variations and we had to get the good old vegan go to – a salad. It was a pretty good salad, and the boat chefs worked hard at the presentation too. We also had a Bagel Club which was a bagel with turkey, bacon, cheese, tomato and mayo and it came with some tortilla crisps on the side.

The Experience

While the menu was pretty standard, the experience itself comes together in something pretty unique. It was great to be able to enjoy your favourite brunch foods while cruising past the landmarks, interesting bars and just in general overlooking the beautiful architecture of Amsterdam.

The good thing is that it does not to be a boiling hot day for you to enjoy this experience. The boat is equipped with heaters so even on a chilly day you can still sip on a Bloody Mary and pretend you’re frying no worse than the egg you’re about to have.

The brunch boat costs just under 40 Euros per head and you should book it in advance as the boat is not very big. This makes the experience more intimate. Especially if you’re going as a big group of friends, you will feel like you’re almost on a private boat.

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See the video of our really nice boat trip below:

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