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Hotel Gift Luxury Pick: The Mulia (Bali, Indonesia)

September 21st, 2017

Oh Bali, it’s one of the most popular destinations for beach lovers. With its perfect temperatures, blue seas and white sands, it’s no wonder why. Of course it’s all about the vacation and not necessarily about the accommodation, but if you really want to feel like you’re in heaven, you should stay at The Mulia. It’s divine in every aspect and will make you never want to go home again. Here are three reasons why should spoil yourself by staying at The Mulia.

The Mulia Oasis Pool

1 – The Swimming Pools

The Mulia doesn’t just have one swimming pool, it has five. That means you can choose from several pools each day and there’s always one that perfectly fits your liking. Our top recommendation is the Oasis Pool. It’s exactly what the name suggests: the perfect place for tranquility and relaxation. You’ll have a view on the sea from the lounge beds surrounding the pool and from the pool itself. The decor is beautifully finished with old-greek reminiscent pillars to make you feel like a true god and/or goddess. If that doesn’t cut it, it also has its own private beach.

The Mulia Deli

2 – The Cuisines

All good vacations are paired with good food. You don’t have to worry about eating well when you’re staying in The Mulia. This hotel has four restaurants to fill every appetite you could possible have. The cuisines are on par and range from Mediterranean to Japanese. The Mulia even has it’s own bakery called the Mulia Deli, which serves delicious French pastries and will make you feel like Charlie in the chocolate factory. For the more mature indulgers, there are also 5 bars to serve you in the late evenings. It’s very hard to choose a favourite bar, especially since they have impeccable views, so it’s recommended to try them all.

The Mulia Spa

3 – The Activities

When you’re done swimming and eating, there’s no need to go outside the hotel property. The Mulia has a list of activities that you can undertake to make sure you’ll never feel bored. It offers more relaxing activities like stand up paddling and canoeing, but it also has a well equipped fitness centre to burn all the calories from all the fabulous food you indulged on. When exercising isn’t really your thing, you can head to the spa for a range of delightful massages. They might not be very inexpensive, but these hands work some magic. It’s the perfect part of ultimate relaxation.

There is no reason to not stay at The Mulia. It’s one the best hotels in Bali, Indonesia and should definitely be saved for a special occasion or for ultimate relaxation. Luckily, this hotel can also be booked using a Hotel Gift voucher. So why not give someone else the opportunity to indulge? Learn more about Hotel Gift here.

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