The Boss You Don’t Want To Be. Christmas Gift Edition

Oh, the dread of approaching corporate Christmas gifts. Being a Secret Santa for someone you have said hello to twice, or having to pretend you love your gift even though you will never touch it again are scenarios familiar to many during the festive period.

But what comes as an even bigger disappointment is receiving that corporate gift from your company to “reward all the hard work” you have done for them in the past year. But how rewarding are the common corporate gifts businesses give their employees? A few people shared the worst kind of gifts they received from their employers.

A Branded Gift

There is probably nothing else that says I don’t know my employees more than a company-branded Christmas gift. Your employees are most likely well aware of the big marketing storage room you have for events and advertising, so when they receive a pen or a USB stick with a company logo on it, it does not feel like a gift of appreciation. Let’s face it,  rewarding them for their hard work with leftover marketing merchandise is probably not the best call.

A Christmas Mug

Don’t, just don’t. A mug is everyone’s go-to gift when they do not have any idea about the likes, dislikes, passions and interests of someone they are giving it to. It is especially not a great look for bosses to come across as if they have no idea who works for them and what they are into. This neither will make your hard-working team stay at the company nor will it make them want to recommend your workplace to other bright minds.

A Generic Christmas Card

Somehow giving everyone a Christmas card with a generic festive message on it seems even more impersonal than a branded item. Gifts like this, as employees shared, make them feel like numbers rather than individuals. This is a big no-no if you want to keep your employees engaged and motivated.

A Christmas Sweater

An Ugly Xmas Sweater party is always fun. And that’s because these sweaters are there to not be taken seriously as an item at all. Let alone a Christmas reward gift. Unless your employees thrive on irony, don’t do it.

A High-Five?

“A boss gave me a high five. Two years in a row.” I mean…

How Not To Be That Guy

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”

According to, 75% of US employees said that being recognised at their workplace motivated them to do their job. It is clear that a feeling of being appreciated is highly valued by employees and it is challenging to show that through a mug or a generic seasonal greetings card. However, if you do it right, your employees will feel noticed, valued in the workplace, loyal and happy. All you have to do is to make sure you give them something they will truly enjoy and care about to reward them.

The Magic Of Hotelgift Giving

It really is not rocket science. Gift giving does not have to be very time-consuming, mind-bending, brain-hurting experience. Some of the best gifts have a very simple formula. Those gifts are personal, yet allow their recipients a full flexibility of use. See where we’re going with this? Travel! Travel is your answer.

Giving your employees an opportunity to travel without them breaking the bank is a gift they will actually appreciate.

Hotelgift and Flightgiftcard are perfect just for that. There are different formats to choose from, and they can be personalised with your own image and message, while sent nice and quick directly to your employees. Yes, there is no “bon” with voyage, for a trip they didn’t want to take, but Hotelgfit and Flightgiftcard solve that. It is they, who get to choose when and where they go on their trip. These travel vouchers do not limit them to a specific date or destination. They get to receive a gift they really want, and you get to be the best boss ever.

Rewarding employees in a way that won’t make them laugh at you on the internet is easy. Head to or and we take care of the rest. Remember…

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