Success Redefined. How Technology Shifted The Values of Millennials

Although the technology was supposed to allow people to work less, today we are working more hours than ever before. Arguably technology domesticated us more than the agricultural revolution. However, technology has enabled internet user to awareness of the world around them. This has led to a big shift in values in modern society.

Being exposed to the way others live around the world has opened a door of possibilities. Nowadays, people crave exploring, discovering, and stepping out of their comfort zone to grow and develop. We now crave doing things that make a positive change in the world. This means learning more about the way other cultures live and how we can make a positive contribution to the collective existence.


“Millennials don’t want to just read the news anymore. They want to know what they can do about it.” -Ian Somerhalder”

Surveys have shown that 84% of Millennials think that their existence is valued on how much benefit they can bring to those around them. Instead of chasing consumer trends, they chase opportunities to make a positive change. Hereby the shift from the material values to valuing experiences.


Experiences allow modern society to fulfil their passions in a way that material possessions cannot. Each with their own sense of purpose, people now strive to achieve their true potential through action. Experiencing the process of working towards your dream life or your goals, seeing the world and contributing to society is what drives modern culture. An expensive watch does not.

Social Relationships

Humans are social animals. We require meaningful connections with others to feel fulfilled. Material possessions do not replace those valuable interactions in our lives. Today, people recognise that and look for meaningful experiences. Memories and exchanges that stay with us for the rest of our lives. Story-telling is a much more important part of our existence than gadgets are.


In our day-to-day existence, we often lack appreciation for what we have. We continuously look for the next thing. Something that will excite us more, that will make us happier, more engaged, interested and established. While striving for development can be a positive thing, it can also leave us quite miserable as we are always left feeling like we are missing something from our lives. Enriching our lives with more experiences, travels and learning more about how different cultures live can turn this around. These types of experiences will make us more humble, compassionate and much more mindful and appreciative of what we already have.

Meaningful Gift-Giving

This shift in collective consciousness has definitely made us wish for other sorts of gifts. Be that an incentive from your employee, a Christmas present from your family or a thank you note for doing something meaningful for them. The best gift that people can receive is for adding value to someone’s life is when value added to theirs in return. Thus experience focused gifts are the best gift you can give someone.

Offering someone an opportunity through gifts like hotel and flight gift cards is more than a card in an envelope. It’s a token of appreciation. It’s a gesture that shows their personal life and development is valued no less than professional. It’s a gift that says I want you to grow, fulfil your ambitions and passions, and feel fulfilled by adding value.

This is our purpose here at Hotelgift hold. Human connection, meaningful interactions and adding value to society is something we are passionate about. This is why we work so hard to encourage more people to give their loved ones a well-deserved break and an opportunity to travel. We strive to unite people, cultures and nations. We strive to make people feel happy and to give them an opportunity to do something for themselves. No more, no less.

We value people. And that’s why we do what we do. So join our movement to support this shift in values. Head to our website to make a meaningful contribution to someone’s life.

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