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People Choose Hotels Over Homestays and Here's Why You Should Too

April 23rd, 2019
We live in an era of Airbnbs and couch surfers. But do people really favour them over hotels? Here are so of the reasons why travellers prefer hotels over homestays.
1. Comfort

Hotels are definitely much more comfortable and relaxing than Aibnbs. You will have a concierge there to attend to all your needs, crispy fresh bed linen and room service. When you get away, you don’t want to go back to the old routine of cooking cleaning and washing. You want to have all your worries taken away, and get the perks you do not get at home.

2. Safety

Hotels look after your belongings. Majority of rooms you will find will have a safe, and the ability to leave your bags in the storage room prior to check in, or after check out. With homestays, you will not have the luxury to have your things looked after. If your flight home is in the evening you will have to find a paid locker somewhere else or carry your bags around all day.

3. Hotel Staff

Hotels are much more than clean, cosy rooms. By staying in the hotel you’re not just paying your money into the pockets of landlords. You are supporting every single staff member who is working at the hotel to make your stay amazing. Your stay is helping them support their families and makes their efforts worthwhile.

4. Prices

Hotels are not necessarily more expensive than Airbnbs. With the rise of home-stay popularity in some cities you will pay double if not triple for your stay. On top of the room, you will have to pay guest service and cleaning fees too which add up to a hefty amount in comparison to a mid-range hotel room.

5. Rewarded Loyalty

If you’re someone who has a favourite place to travel to every year, unlike other accommodations, hotels have great loyalty programmes. Hotels love and appreciate their regulars and often reward them with points or other benefits. You won’t be able to spend your points on suites, villas or larger rooms with homestays.

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