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Our Brand New Gift Card - Activitygift

September 19th, 2019
We have been waiting for a long time to share some exciting news with you and finally, we can! We are happy to welcome the brand new gift card to our experience gift card family – Activitygift.

Over the years of working on Hotelgift and Flightgift, we noticed how much people do value experience gifts over material ones. It really was a pleasure to see so many of you make new memories all over the world. We wanted to take it a step further a give recipients of our gift cards more exciting possibilities to explore new destinations. And so we came up with Activitygift.

What is Activitygift?

Activitygift is a single gift card that covers over 18,000 tours, sightseeing and sports activities, theatre and music events all over the world. In fact, we actually cover over 680 destinations in more than 130 countries to give recipients as much choice as possible, suited to all budgets and interests.

Just like Hotelgift and Flightgift, Activitygift can be given in three different formats:

  • A fresh newly designed luxury rose gold physical gift card you can sign by hand and give to someone you care about in person
  • A printable PDF which can be customized with an image of your choice and signed online. It will be delivered to your inbox in just a few minutes
  • An animation which can be customised with an image or a video of your choice and sent directly to an email address of the lucky recipient

Redeeming an Activitygift couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is go to, click redeem and enter your desired destination and dates. You will see a wide range of activities available at your selected location. Those can be filtered by type, depending on how you fancy exploring a new place. Once you made up your mind, simply enter your Activitygift code at the checkout and don’t forget to save the date to your calendar so you can look forward to your adventure.

What kind of activities can you book?

The range of activities could not be wider. Are you into theatre and music? You can book some of the most famous Broadway shows or theatre tours all over the world. Haven’t seen the production of the Lion King yet? Activitygift will help you do that.

Looking for something a bit more adventurous? Select one of our water sports activities, redeem it for a ticket to a theme park or a helicopter flight to discover your new destination from a different angle. Universal Studios Park, Alton Towers and Disneyland – we have it all.

Finally, if you haven’t got your mind set on anything specific yet, you can use your Activitygift to purchase a city card for many cities all across the world. This will give you access to the main attractions in the chosen city. You can just see how you feel on the day and skip the queue to the venue of your choice.

So check out our brand new Activitygift and give someone you care about a lifetime of memories.

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