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Europe's Most Liveable Cities According to Far & Wide

April 9th, 2019
Do you want to know which European cities have been named the best to live in?

We have selected the top 10 for you in the blog, but you can see the full list of 40 here. Did yours make the cut?

#10 – Berlin, Germany

This is probably one of the trendiest destinations amongst millennials at the moment is Berlin. Full of trendy cafes and concept stores, a rich nightlife and food scene, Berlin seems to have it all. You will always have a great time in this city. Helpful to that is the abundance of beer garden and music and art venues too. If you’re in Berlin this month, make sure to go see the Holocaust Memorial and the Brandenburg Gate.

#9 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

This city has very high scores for culture and general atmosphere. This comes as no surprise. Amsterdam always has something going on. Locals value the work-life balance and thus summers in Amsterdam are not to miss. While the city is small, it is very lively and there are a bunch of areas you can go to escape the touristy crowds. Have a drink by the canal in the sunshine, rent a bike, visit a rooftop bar or take a trip to the tulip fields. Options are endless.

#8 – Basel, Switzerland

In this small city, you will find no fewer than 40 museums. It is best for cultural enrichment. Some of the museums such as the Kunstmuseum is a place to discover some of the greatest fine-art pieces by Picasso, Van Gogh and Andy Warhol. Far&Wide recommend you try their Swiss national honey cake too.

#7 – Geneva, Switzerland

Another Swiss city has been named of the top 10 in Europe. Geneva is the best for the views. Feel like you’re in a fairytale as you relax by the beautiful lake, surrounded by the majestic mountains. Like many other Swiss cities, it is culturally rich, has wonderful food and is very safe. It’s a bit more cosmopolitan than other Swiss destinations, as you feel like through the light buzz in the city. Fare&Wide recommend you check out the flea market upon your visit there.

#6 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen being on this list is no surprise to anyone as this city has been frequently named one the best to live in in the world. What’s more surprising is the fact that it didn’t quite make the cut to the top 5 this time around. Netherless, it is still amazing. The Danish approach to the cosy, comfortable “hygge” life has inspired people all over the world. Wonderful architecture, great seafood and lively atmosphere add to the overall feel of the city too.

#5 – Frankfurt, Germany

While this is Germany’s banking centre, it also home to an urban man-made beach. Go there to visit the beautiful town hall dating back to 1405, Goethe House and Palmengarten – a huge botanical garden. Culture Trip also recommends taking a selfie with a wine thief… (find out more here).

#4 – Düsseldorf, Germany

Expats love Düsseldorf. Why? Düsseldorf is a hub of great expat communities. There are a bunch of groups you can join to meet new people, you can join a football team, a book club or a theatre group. Similarly to Amsterdam, Düsseldorf is a great blend of s small city and a lively atmosphere. Düsseldorf is right in the heart of Europe so you will have great connections to the surrounding cities, making travel easy and no that expensive.

#3 – Munich, Germany

Another German city is in the top 10 of the best cities to live in! This Bavarian capital is favoured by many as a great place to move to. It is an incredibly international and dynamic city. People love Munich due to the number of green spaces there (around 20 parks), great transport links, a very low crime rate and a rich cultural scene. You can also enjoy Oktoberfest there and a rich restaurant scene all throughout the year too.

#2 – Zurich, Switzerland

Runner up is the lovely Zurich. Based on culture, economic conditions, health education and housing, Zurich has outdone many countries not only in Europe but in the world too. Locals feel very safe there and claim to enjoy life a lot in the’s busy and eventful but remote nature spots are only a short drive away. Skiing, hiking and city fares – Zurich is a great place for the active and nature loving expats.

#1 – Vienna, Austria

So the most livable city is… Vienna! And not only in Europe but in the world. Enjoy the local culture of palaces and cakes and fall in love with the views around you in Vienna. People love living here because of the wonderful apartments with decorative ceilings and bright, spacious rooms, a great public transport system and an excellent education quality. This city has great museums and music venues and must-visit coffee spots. Not to mention it’s close proximity to the countryside if you want to escape the city noise.

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