More Than Sushi. Travel Read Picks Edition

Ever stuck on what to bring with you to read during your travels? Or perhaps you were looking for some inspiration for your next adventure? It is always good to get to learn a little more about the culture of your destination before you pack your bags. This blog edition will help you do exactly that.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think Japan? Sushi, matcha and blooming Sakura? Unless you manage to visit this country within the two weeks of the cherry blossom blooming period, then you won’t tick at least one of the boxes. Is there more to Japan? Thankfully travel writers are an amazing source of inspiration and tips. It’s always interesting to read someone else’s experience of the country before you step your foot on the unknown territory. Especially when you’re reading the travels of Michael Booth.

Michael Booth has been a travel journalist for a long time. But it’s his travel books that hold the place in our heart so dearly. Full of self-irony, awkward conversations and reflections on customs and people, you will be laughing pretty hard while reading his books. They will also make you really hungry, as Michael Booth writes a lot about international cuisine. So not only will you be prepared for new experiences, but you can prepare your stomach too.

Too good not to share…

This particular book stood out to us. It’s called Sushi and Beyond. Inspired by Shizuo Tsuji’s classic book, Japanese Cooking, A Simple Art, Michael Booth and, unexpectedly, his whole family, set off travelling around Japan to find out more about the fine-tuned culinary crafts of the Japanese.

Like the majority of us, Booth believed “all you need to make good Japanese food is a sharp knife and a good fishmonger.”. And like us all, everything he ever thought he knew about Japan and their cooking was about to flip upside down.

You will get a six pack

He will throw you in the deep end starting straight with his encounters with sumo wrestlers,  making a new friend he could not get rid of and stories about the joy of travelling with little kids by his side, you will be chuckling non-stop. With such a healthy dose of self-irony, Michael Booth makes all his books such a pleasant and lighthearted read. He will show you how good it is not to take yourself too seriously while travelling. Or in life in general.

But Japan would not be Japan without a few pearls of wisdom to take away

Other than kitchen inspiration, this book will also give you some food for thought. Find out why Japan has the highest population of over 100-year-olds than any other country in the world. Learn more about their work ethic, mindset and values. Get to know how the Japanese really live. Believe me, this will only make you want to visit this country more.

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Find the Sushi and Beyond book on Goodreads here.

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