January Escapes. Give a New Meaning to Blue Monday.

Now that all the festivities are over, the Christmas lights are being taken down but it is still cold and gloomy, you may be feeling a little down. Luckily, there are a few destinations around the world where it is still pretty sunny and warm in January.

We have done some research to suggest a few January last minute trip destinations for you so you can spend your Blue Monday on the beach sipping a Bahama Mama.

Most Popular – Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are one of the most popular destinations in winter. There are many islands to go to, each with its own perks. The weather is great there in January – around 22°C. It is also fairly close by to the fellow Europeans who are not prepared to spend the whole day on the plane. Go surfing in Fuerteventura, visit a volcano in Tenerife, plan family activities in Lanzarote or hike through the sand dunes in Gran Canaria.

Best Tan – Cancun

To come back to your sulking friends with the best tan you can imagine, head to Cancun this January. The temperature can rise up to 30°C. It’s a great time to visit as it tends to be much cheaper during that period. You can enjoy the white sandy beaches and natural pools without breaking the bank.

Most Relaxing – Carribean

This destination is also a long flight away, however, oh so worth it. If you want to relax and feel like you’re on a private island, visit Cancun. With the temperature of around 26°C, you can enjoy your Bahama Mama in the Bahamas. Each island is unique, yet all have crystal clear water and white sandy beaches.

Best for a Dreamy Skyline – Dubai

Dubai is a perfect balance between beautiful nature and breathtaking skyscrapers. The weather in January is just perfect. It’s can be way too hot in summer, and in January it is just the right mid 20°C. Enjoy the perfect hot weather while relaxing by the beach, or enjoying some brunch with a view of Dubai skyline.

Best for eating and drinking – Florida

If you are a foodie at heart, head to Florida, this January. Visit one of the all famous theme parks in the cosy 22°C or go shopping in the Sunshine State. Downtown Orlando is amazing for restaurants and cafes so you can eat through the January blues. Or, visit the Florida Mall for some of the best boutiques.

There are many places you can escape to this winter to catch some sun. Why not use the Hotelgift you got for Christmas and book your next stay amongst some winter sun.

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