How to Travel More in 2018

We all have that friend who seems to mysteriously fit off every other week; a quick break in Rome, a long haul to Cuba, a healing month in Bali, or a quick jaunt to Argentina. The rest of us look on; both impressed and perplexed – where do they get their money or find the time? Travel is much more accessible than you first may think. If you have a little money and time to back you up then you can make 2018 the year you travel more. If you are one of those people whose heart skips a beat when you hear a plane passing overhead, then these tips are for you…

Start Making Small Shifts

Savvy travelers will often talk about shifting your perspective to embrace travel more – but this is easier said than done. You can stash money aside every week, book a week here or there, but you won’t see travel as a priority as opposed to a luxury item until you start to do it. We suggest starting small – instead of hopping to Aruba for the weekend, drive someplace close by and camp or rent a cabin. The more you get used to leaving your comfort zone on a regular basis and investing in adventure the easier it will be to make that major leap to somewhere like Peru or Africa.

How to Travel More in 2018

Pro Tip; Start collecting hotel vouchers for yourself. You are less likely to notice spending money on them then paying for a whole holiday at once and when you are ready to cash them in, you would have already paid for most of your trip.

Collect Points

Points win prizes in the travel world, you can sign up for certain cards that when used responsibly will earn you mileage points that you can then redeem for flights someplace. You are much more likely to commit to taking a trip if you have points to cash in, as it’s only an investment in time (rather than also finances) that you need to overcome. Overcoming one hurdle at a time makes the option of more travel seem a much more realistic goal.

Pro Tip; When booking flights try and stick with one airplane if it works in your budget, that way you can also collect frequent flyer points.

Don’t Discount Weekends

Many wannabe travelers who have full time jobs can find it tricky to carve more trips into their calendar. This is where you need to get creative, but also to give yourself permission and stop telling yourself that you don’t have time to travel. If you work weekdays, that still gives you chance to get an evening flight Friday, spend the weekend away, and be back at your desk by Monday morning.

How to Travel More in 2018
How to Travel More in 2018
Pro Tip; Europeans have a wealth of destinations on their doorstep, and for Americans – there are many states and even the Caribbean is close by. Traveling isn’t always about the exotic – sometimes its about a different change of scene.

Choose Travel Blogs Wisely

Travel bloggers can be wonderful for ramping up your inspiration but choose wisely. Following travel bloggers who are realistic, down to earth and whose morals or lifestyle choices align with your own is much more valuable than following blogger / models with a ton of pretty pictures. Following bloggers with a fairy-tale existence keeps the idea of travel on the idealized shelf rather in the realistic spotlight. In the interest of making travel a reality for you in 2018 – find a blogger who inspires you with their realistic attitude to travel.

Pro Tip; If you can’t find a blogger you like, check out travel movies and literature – absorb as many travel stories as possible until you are armed with as much knowledge as possible. Knowledge makes the impossible possible.

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