Hotelgift Take NYC

This month our founders have taken a very exciting trip to New York to meet with the new PR agency we now work with. It was for sure a busy-busy few days for them – meeting with journalists, and exploring the city in between.

We were so excited for them to return so they can finally give us our souvenirs, but obviously also find out how the trip went. So we asked Loes and Jorik a few questions about it all:

Best takeouts from meetings

Loes: Everyone was so friendly, it was nice to have meetings throughout the city in journalists’ favourite places to explore local coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

Jorik: It was great to see how interested the journalists are in the “female entrepreneur” angle. It’s important to empower and encourage women around the globe to do the same.


Favourite thing about NYC

Loes: The 24/7 energy

Jorik: Architecture: loved the Central Station, Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn Bridge; and positivity of the people. It might feel fake to some, but you do sort of get infected by it and actually do become more positive

 Where to stay?

Loes and Jorik: Soho area, nice local area with many boutique shops and small restaurants

What to do?

Loes: Do walk around a lot! Among others in Central Park, at the Brooklyn Bridge, in Brooklyn (great views of the Manhattan skyline) and visit the Times Square. In addition, eat and shop 🙂

Jorik: Brooklyn Bridge, Fifth Avenue, Central Park, visit Times Square, take a boat trip to Statue of Liberty to see the skyline, and definitely go to an NBA basketball game!!!

Where to eat?

Jorik: Have a massive food platter at Carmine’s, lunch at Tavern on the Green (in Central Park), get a burger at Shake Shack, get a pizza at Prince Street Pizza, steak at Club A Steakhouse

Loes: Same as Jorik plus the Fat Raddish, Valbella and Peasant are a must!

Best coffee?

Loes: Grand Central Coffee Co

Jorik: One of the many small independent coffee shops on the street

A top tip for everyone about to visit NYC?

Loes: Go on top of the Rockefeller tower to have a great view of Manhattan (prefer this one over the Empire State Building, because now you have the Empire State Building as part of your skyline :))

Jorik: Fly from London to NY with Norwegian both ways for just a few hundred euros (with Flightgiftcard ;)), book it 3 to 6 months in advance for the best rates. Book the restaurants well in advance. The burger at Shake Shack I really liked 😀


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