Have a sweet tooth? You will want to read this! Hotelgift take Rotterdam

A little while ago, when your nose didn’t completely freeze on your cycle to work or the journey did not take you twice as long because of the wind, we visited Rotterdam.

Why? Because we are committed to finding the most exciting places for you to visit while in the Netherlands. The more unusual the better and Baker’s Dough ticks those boxes.

What is Baker’s Dough you may ask?

Sweet tooth heaven we reply. Inspired by the cafe in New York, this foodie dream was born. Baker’s Dough is all about bringing up the nostalgic memories of your mum making cookies, the smell coming from the oven and not being allowed to eat cookie dough even though it looked and tasted delicious. But guess what? This cookie dough is all yours to eat.

The cafe is based in Rotterdam and it is designed in the most homely, cosy way. Guaranteed to throw you back while you enjoy the treat.

What makes it unique?

What’s so special about it is that you can build a cookie dough desert exactly how you want it. Pick your dough, your toppings and your sauce so that is really is you but in a little cup of goodness.

Not ready to make food decisions? (we get it!). You can pick from one of their classics or loaded specials.

We had:

“When Life Gives You Lemons” made of white chocolate dough, lemon curd, merengue (which is by the way burned right in front of you) and a bunch of fruit on top. If you’re feeling like indulging on the level 2.0 you can top it off with some ice cream as well.


“Vegan Doughtox”, which arguably is a healthier one of the bunch. It’s made of vegan dough from almond flour, pure choco drops, hazelnuts, fresh fruit and some vegan sauce.

Now, we were a bit wary of the sugar coma so we didn’t top them with ice creams or sorbets, and it my opinion that was the right thing to do.

Tucking into the cups of the sugar rush, we instantly realised why on the day that it opened there was a huge line outside the shop. Let me tell ya, they were sensational. We absolutely loved the vibe of the place and the fact that they catered for vegans too.

After a chat with the lovely staff, we found out that Baker’s Dough also tour festivals in summer in a truck, so watch out for it next summer!

So wait no longer and head to Baker’s Dough for a little taste of NY inspired warm and fuzzy feeling in your belly! Let’s hope soon enough there will be one in Amsterdam too!

Check out our visit in the video below:


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Swing by Peyruis Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library

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