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Hotel Gift - The Global Virtual Gift Card

We recently got in touch with Loes Daniels, an ambitious entrepreneur taking the hotel and gifting industries to a new level. What’s her venture Hotel Gift all about?

Hotel Gift - The Online Gift Card For 110,000 Hotels Worldwide

Hotel Gift is a virtual gift card, redeemable at more than 110,000 hotels in over 170 countries. You can personalise your Hotel Gift by uploading your own photo and adding a personal message.

Hotel Gift Cards - Which One To Choose?

Hotel gift cards can be given on birthdays and weddings, and they make ideal gifts for employees. Hotel gift cards have gained popularity over the last decade as they provide the perfect gift for ‘the person who has everything.

Startup pitch: Hotel Gift Lets You Give a Vacation as a Present

Launched earlier this month, Hotel Gift is a Dutch startup that has created a digital listing service for buying and selling gift cards for stays at properties worldwide.

Startup Hotel Gift Aims to Boost Online Worldwide Travel Gifting

Founder Loes Daniels needed a gift for her friend's birthday, but due to her busy consulting schedule in Amsterdam she didn't have time to go shopping.

Hotel Gift (Online Gift Card for 110k Hotels) Has Launched!

Hotel Gift is enabling its customers to use online gift cards at over 110k hotels worldwide. Users can utilize their gift cards to buy gifts (either for themselves or for their friends), and they can also use them to book the hotel rooms directly.