Feeling Blue? Don’t Let Winter Get You Down!

Avoiding The Winter Blues

Let’s face it, winter doesn’t always feel like the best season. There’s Christmas to look forward to, and New Year’s Eve, but wintery highlights are few and far between, and the magic of the season becomes heavier, darker, and colder with each overcast day. Before you know it, the winter blues will unmistakeably make themselves known!

Year over year, we greet winter with excitement. We upgrade our winter wardrobes (who doesn’t love big, comfortable sweaters and luxurious scarves?), throw cosy dinner parties, indulge in homemade mulled wine, light some candles, crawl under a blanket on the couch, curl up with a good book, and settle in for a Sex and the City TV marathon. In doing so, we almost convince ourselves that  winter has its charm. Unfortunately, the feeling only tends to last through the first week of the season…

Too quickly, the reality of winter kicks in. Those gorgeous new gloves appear to be far from warm (your fingers are freezing!) your boot camp trainer can forget about you showing up in this weather, and you’ve already figured out whether you’re a Carrie or a Samantha. Gone is winter’s brief allure, replaced by doom, gloom, and resignation that there are many more months between you and the delight of spring. You find yourself sitting under that same blanket, feeling lazy, bored, and increasingly glum.
If the winter blues are seemingly inevitable, what can you do to make the most out of winter every year? How can you make sure you are always living life to the fullest – even  in winter? Follow our top three tips for beating the winter blues and make winter your new favourite season!

3 Tips to Avoid The Winter Blues

1. Stay Warm. Be Comfortable

Being told to ‘stay warm’ in winter might seem like a bad joke. Isn’t being perpetually cold the main reason winter gets a bad rep? Yes, winter is cold – often too cold – but there’s something you can do to stay warm, and therefore, comfortable (even after leaving the blissful winter haven of your bed)! Be honest with yourself and ask yourself one question: Is my winter wardrobe built on my keen eye for fashion rather than a keen sense of which clothes are really suitable in frigid  -4 degrees weather? Wearing clothes that won’t keep you warm is akin to wearing those stilettos you know will make your feet scream before you even leave the house; it not only feels uncomfortable, it looks uncomfortable too! It’s hard to feel charmed by winter when you can’t feel your fingers, ears, toes, or nose.  This winter, indulge and treat yourself to a real winter wardrobe, one with comfortable and warm clothes that will keep you cozy – and happy –  even during the coldest winter days and nights.

2. Stick to a Healthy Diet and Stay Active

A healthy diet and consistent activity are key to staying happy and energized during the winter. As soon as the weather changes, so do your food cravings. All of a sudden, carbohydrates become your favourite part of any menu and you can’t remember the last time you ate something leafy and green. Though it’s okay to give into your carb cravings – and easy to do when the grey cold pushes you to seek comfort from your dinner plate – don’t forget about fresh fruits and vegetables. Embrace all things fresh and healthy, and stick to a diet with a lot of variety. Now summer is a distant memory and your balcony is no longer your go-to spot, let the kitchen become your new favourite space and test your culinary skills.
In addition to becoming active in the kitchen, staying active throughout the colder months can help you keep those winter blues at bay. As winter solidifies its intent to stick around for a while, you may give up on boot camps or morning runs in the park, but it’s important to keep your body moving despite the season. Find a local gym or try a home workout; something that keeps you in your sporty outfits and on your feet, away from your pyjamas and off your couch!

3. Go Outside and Explore!

Though the outdoors are far from your favourite playground during the winter, getting outside will make you much happier than staying holed up in your living room for months will. Spending the winter hiding inside may seem like the best idea, but it’s a key contributor to the winter blues.  Spending time outside exploring stimulates your brain, invigorates your body, and replenishes your soul, helping you stay happy and healthy during even the most depressing winter months. Take a walk. Build a snowman. Plan a trip. Get outside and explore…even if only to appreciate your warm, cosy living room and piping hot cocoa that little bit more.
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