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The Best Coffee to Try in Europe for Caffeine Addicts

March 15th, 2019

Last week we covered some of the best destinations in the world for the beer lovers, so this week it’s all about coffee!

We did not just find which cities are best for coffee but also are here to give you some suggestions on the exact cafes you can find that immense cup of coffee at. Keep reading to find out which places in Europe serve the most delicious caffeine kick.

Rome, Italy

Seems like the obvious choice we hear you say? True. However, let’s get the most obvious ones out of the way first. Besides, who wouldn’t want a nice espresso as a digestif after the indulgent Italian pizza. Rome indeed is home to great coffee, and there are more than one place where you can find it. Our research, however, showed that Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè is the spot to visit.

This coffee house was first opened in 1930s and has a rich history of coffee roasting and brewing craft. This is a very famous place amongst locals and many come to Rome specifically to taste coffee at this place. While they constantly innovate and experiment with coffee making, they managed to lock in a very traditional feel to it.

rome cafe

Other places to visit:

Antigua Tazza D’oro 


Roscioli Caffe

Copenhagen, Denmark


Danes consume about 8.7kg of coffee per person yearly. This puts them in the top four countries for coffee consumption in the world only beaten by IcelanNorway, Normway (9.9kg) and Finland (12kg). The supply has to meet the demand and so you can find some excellent coffee in Denmark and Copenhagen specifically. Our (and well the nation’s) pick for Copenhagen is Sonny. This place has been attracting locals since 2017. They serve coffee of absolute excellence in a cool and minimalist fashion. This is bound to make you feel amazing, energised and very Scandi-cool.

Other places to visit:

The Coffee Collective
Original Coffee 

Wecycle Copenhagen

Amsterdam, Netherlands
amsterdam coffee

The Netherlands follow Denmark in terms of coffee consumption per person. Nordic countries seem to consume a lot of this aromatic beverage and produce some very good flat whites too. Amsterdam is home to many amazing cafes that serve very good coffee, so it was a hard pick. However, we are going with Scandinavian Embassy. Some call it the first coffee Michelin Star location. They also serve great brunch and pastries and are happy to pour your drink into a to-go cup. Coffee there is incredible but make sure to try go there outside the rush hours as the place itself is very small.

Other places to visit:


White Label Coffee

Black Gold

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