Europe in the fall is very versatile. From warm temperatures to colorful leaves and mystical landscapes, you'll find it all here. Summer is over, but that doesn't mean that the time to travel has passed. Discover with us the most beautiful and extraordinary places you can visit this fall.

Warm destinations in the fall

If you don't want to say goodbye to the summer temperatures just yet, then we have just the right destinations for you. Soak up the sun and enjoy the weather and the culture.



The Balearic island is perfect for your fall vacation to the warm. The weather in Mallorca in October still rises to 75°F; pretty summery right? The island has a lot to offer. Whether it's beaches, mountainous landscapes or beautiful, idyllic villages, there's something here for every traveler. Off-season you will be surprised how quiet the island can be. Get inspired and find out which adventures you should not miss in Mallorca. Enjoy your autumn in Mallorca!


View on the streets of Madrid at sunset
Madrid is also still quite warm in October. The temperature in Madrid in October climbs up to 68°F, thus the city has the perfect weather for strolling through the streets and sights all day. You'll find a lot of tourists here even in the fall, but the mild temperatures make it comfortable for you to spend the whole day outside in the crowds.
Visit the Palacio Real, the royal palace, during the day and end your evening with a cocktail on one of the countless roof terraces. For your stay, we recommend the centrally located Iberostar Las Letras Gran Via.


If you’re not quite ready to unpack your winter coat yet, the weather in Barcelona in October will be perfect for you. With a maximum temperature of up to 72°F in October, Barcelona is an ideal destination for your autumn vacation. In this city, you will find architectural masterpieces as well as mountains and the beach. We have compiled the best tips for you in a complete travel guide. Get inspired and plan your trip.



Portugal's capital is always worth a trip, but in autumn the city shines in great colors. Lisbon in October will greet you with temperatures of up to 73°F in October, perfect to get some sun before the cold winter. Climb up to the Castelo de São Jorge and enjoy a breathtaking view over the whole city.


Only about 2.5 hours away from Lisbon, you arrive at the Algarve. The landscapes you'll find here are unique, and you won't stop marveling. The October weather in Algarve is similar to Lisbon, so you can even take a trip to the beach and sunbathe.


View over Porto and its bridge at sunset
The beautiful coastal city in the north of the country is famous for its port wine and its magnificent bridge. October in Porto is magical. With up to 70°F, you can stroll through the colorful streets, discover unique churches in baroque style and taste a lot of delicacies.

Want to discover more of Portugal? Then check out our recommendations for a trip to Portugal and collect ideas.



The capital of Dalmatia is known for its beautiful pebble beaches with turquoise water. It might be a bit too cold for swimming, but even in October, it's up to 72°F in Split. Stroll along the beaches or immerse yourself in the unique culture. In the port city, you can discover the Diocletian's Palace from the 4th century, which was awarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or one of the many churches.


View over Dubrovniks city in the evening
With a similar climate to Split, October weather in Dubrovnik is ideal for your trip. The city is located in the south of the country and on the Adriatic Sea. Be enchanted by its attractive old town and admire the well-preserved historical buildings. Also, be sure to visit the fortress and the city walls from the 8th century and feel transported back in time.

Cheap destinations in the fall

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With its countless canals, the Dutch capital is beautiful at any time of the year, but autumn in Amsterdam and all the colorful leaves make the city shine, and the tiny, crooked houses look even more special than usual. Since the weather can often be rainy in autumn, we recommend visiting one of the city's many museums. Also, check out our tips for sustainable activities in Amsterdam.

Here's how to get to Amsterdam on a budget this November:

  • London (STN) to Amsterdam (AMS): Flights round trip from 65€
  • Paris (ORY) to Amsterdam (AMS): Flights round trip from 91€
  • Hamburg to Amsterdam: Train round trip from 61€

Prague, Czech Republic

View of the Karls bridge in Prague
Prague in fall is very romantic, with much to discover. Cross the Vltava River on Charles Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in the world, and walk on to Prague Castle. From the hill, you will have a great view of the whole city and admire the architecture.

Here's how to get to Prague on a budget this November:

  • London (STN) to Prague (PRG): Flights round trip from 65€
  • Paris (ORY) to Prague (PRG): Flights round trip from 94€
  • Berlin to Prague: Train round trip from 36€

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, along with Amsterdam. Stunning houses decorate the cityscape at Nyaven, the new harbor. The city has one of the best quality of life in the world and is home to Tivoli, an amusement park right in the center. Stay at Villa Copenhagen and enjoy the sauna and spa area.

Here's how to get to Prague on a budget this November:

  • London (STN) to Copenhagen (CPH): Flights round trip from 47€
  • Cologne (CGN) to Copenhagen (CPH): Flights round trip from 35€
  • Amsterdam (AMS) to Copenhagen (CPH): Flights round trip from 68€

Exceptional destinations in the fall

Lapland, Finland

A deer in Lapland's nature
Arriving in Lapland, you feel as if you have traveled to the season of autumn in the form of a country. It can hardly get more autumnal than this, as here you will find forests full of colorful trees and wooden huts reminiscent of Pettersson and Findus. Pick berries in the forest during the day and relax in your accommodation's sauna followed by a swim in one of the many lakes. If you are lucky, you can even see the northern lights.


Slovenia is not a typical tourist destination, but we are convinced that a stay in this inconspicuous country will remain in your memory for a long time. Between Austria, the Mediterranean Sea and the Balkan region, you will find breathtaking places, from beautiful coasts to impressive mountain landscapes. Slovenia is also known for its thermal spas, where you can relax after a long day of hiking.

Tuscany, Italy

When people think of Tuscany, they tend to think of summer vacation, but the Italian countryside also has a lot to offer in the fall. You will be amazed at how beautiful the fields of olive trees and vines look when they turn orange and red. At this time of year, the rush of tourists is less and you can fully enjoy the tranquillity of the landscapes.

Other beautiful destinations in the fall

Of course, Europe has much more to offer in the fall. Take a look at the following destinations to make the most of this season in Europe.


All year long, Germany has a lot to discover. We want to show you the best destinations for this fall, cozy and colorful.

For a city trip, we recommend Freiburg im Breisgau. The Black Forest has its very own charm and blossoms in the fall. With Freiburg, you will find one of the most beautiful cities in Germany in the middle of this area and you can easily discover the surroundings as well as the cute little streets.

Would you rather go deep into the mountains? Take a trip to Saxon Switzerland and explore the unique and breathtaking sandstone cliffs.

Discover more fall destinations in Germany and get inspired for your next holiday.

The United Kingdom

With its countless cottages and rural landscapes, the United Kingdom is a perfect destination for your fall holiday. Make yourself feel cozy at the fireplace of your chalet and explore the surrounding nature.
Admire the colorful maple trees in the Cotswolds and go for long walks alongside the river. In Oxford, you can find plenty of activities for the whole family and Kent impresses with vineyards that are glowing in all types of red and orange colors.

Read all about the best fall destinations in the UK and we are sure you will find your favorite spot for this season.