America's most haunted hotels beckon enthusiasts of the paranormal with their spine-tingling histories and ghostly encounters. From the iconic Bourbon Orleans Hotel in New Orleans to the chilling Stanley Hotel in Colorado, we'll unpack the 10 most haunted hotels in America that offer a unique blend of history and mystery. So, if you're in search of America's most haunted hotels, prepare for a supernatural adventure that's sure to send shivers down your spine.

Why America is a Must for Every Dark Tourist

Fairlawn, Virginia - one of the most haunted places in america
The States has to be at the top of every dark tourist's bucket due to its abundance of unsolved mysteries and unique cultural phenomena. From the hallowed grounds of Civil War battlefields and the chilling confines of former prisons to embarking on ghostly tours of haunted hotels and delving into dark landmarks linked to infamous events, the USA offers an array of intriguing dark tourism experiences. What sets this nation apart is its enduring allure for ghost hunters, mystery enthusiasts, and conspiracy theory aficionados, providing an opportunity to uncover the enigmatic layers of its past. With a well-developed tourism infrastructure facilitating easy access to these extraordinary dark tourism sites and the chance to explore breathtaking landscapes, you'll also have the opportunity to delve into the charming local legends and folklore that add an extra layer of intrigue to your journey. So, whether you're a history buff or simply seeking an unforgettable adventure, the USA promises an exhilarating blend of curiosity and exploration.

The 10 Most Haunted Hotels in America

So you've settled on America for your dark tourism trip, now all you need is accommodation. Let's dive into our top picks of haunted hotels for travellers seeking a different type of holiday experience.

Haunted Hotels in New Orleans

a napkin for the monteleone hotel in new orleans - one of the most haunted hotels in america
New Orleans, with its tumultuous history steeped in piracy, voodoo, epidemics, and wars, has birthed countless legends of the supernatural. The city's centuries-old architecture and labyrinthine alleys form a vivid backdrop for tales of restless spirits and uncanny events within its haunted hotels, solidifying its reputation as a top dark tourism destination in the US.

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel

The Bourbon Hotel in New Orleans, nestled in the heart of the historic French Quarter, is renowned as one of the most haunted hotels in the US. Formerly a theatre, ballroom, and even a high-stakes poker house, it witnessed numerous tragedies and fatalities during its colourful past. Guests and staff alike have reported unexplained occurrences, from ghostly apparitions to eerie whispers, all pointing to the lingering spectres of its storied history.

Hotel Monteleone

With over a century of history, Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans has played host to generations of guests and has become a focal point for numerous sightings of apparitions, especially of children and past residents. Its famous rotating Carousel Bar and grand architecture are steeped in tales of playful spirits and phantom footsteps, reinforcing its status as one of the most haunted hotels in the world.

Haunted Hotels in Colorado

the shining hotel in america
Colorado's mining heritage and historical conflicts have spawned many ghostly legends. Its rich past, combined with the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, positions it as one of the prime dark tourism destinations in the US.

Stanley Hotel

Colorado's Stanley Hotel, famously the inspiration for Stephen King's "The Shining," has been the setting for numerous paranormal encounters, from ghostly apparitions to mysterious sounds. Its extensive history, coupled with countless guest testimonials and eerie anecdotes, firmly establishes it as one of the most haunted hotels in America.

Oxford Hotel

Denver's Oxford Hotel, established in 1891, boasts a long history of inexplicable events and apparitions, ranging from spectres clad in 1920s attire to inexplicable phenomena in Room 320. Frequent paranormal encounters, backed by numerous guest accounts and investigations, have etched the Oxford Hotel's name among the top haunted hotels in the US.

Haunted Hotels in Savannah

a haunted hotel room in savannah america
Savannah, Georgia, with its wartime tragedies, epidemics, and calamities, is often regarded as a top dark tourism destination in the US. Its antebellum architecture and ancient cemeteries fuel an array of ghostly anecdotes and myths.

The Marshall House

Built in 1851, The Marshall House in Savannah has borne witness to periods of warfare, epidemics, and historical events that have enshrined tales of hauntings within its walls. Its past as a Civil War hospital and encounters with unexplained phenomena have made it a magnet for ghost hunters and enthusiasts, securing its place as one of the most haunted hotels in the US.

The Kehoe House

The Kehoe House in Savannah is shrouded in stories of ghostly apparitions and enigmatic sounds, believed by many to be the spirits of the tragically deceased Kehoe children. As a centerpiece in one of the oldest and most haunted cities in the US, the hotel's rich history and frequent reports of paranormal activity have earned it a reputation as one of the top haunted lodgings.

Haunted Hotels in Las Vegas

haunted hotel in las vegas
Las Vegas, with its neon-drenched nights and forgotten tales of fortune and despair, echoes with the spectres of bygone dreams. Its glittering façade conceals stories of heartache and vice, making it a chilling landmark in the US.

Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, formerly known as The Aladdin, boasts a rich history of high-stakes drama and tragedies, which many believe have left behind restless spirits. Guests and staff alike have reported unexplained phenomena and ghostly encounters, earning it a reputation as one of America's most haunted hotels.

Bally's Las Vegas

Bally's Las Vegas stands on the site of the former MGM Grand, where a tragic fire in 1980 claimed the lives of 85 people. Guests and staff have recounted unexplained phenomena and sightings of ghostly apparitions, believed to be the spirits of those who perished in the fire, rendering it one of the most haunted hotels in America.

Haunted Hotels in New York

the sagamore hotel in new york
New York's rich history is imbued with timeless tales of ambition, tragedies, and unsolved mysteries. Its iconic skyline conceals countless narratives, casting shadows that whisper of the past.

The Sagamore Resort

The Sagamore Resort in New York, nestled beside the picturesque Lake George, boasts a longstanding history of ghostly encounters dating back to its inception in the late 19th century. Guests and staff alike have reported eerie experiences, from children's laughter in deserted hallways to sightings of a spectral golfer on the resort's grounds, cementing its status as one of the top haunted hotels in the US.

The Historic Bermuda Inn

The historic Bermuda Inn, with its centuries-old legacy, is steeped in tales of spectral apparitions and unexplained phenomena, leaving both guests and staff recounting encounters with the otherworldly. Its unique blend of historical events, tragic stories, and persistent ghostly activity has solidified its position as one of the top haunted hotels in the US.

Which of these haunted hotels will you choose?

Haunted hotels are more than mere backdrops for horror tales; they provide a tangible link to the past, teeming with stories of historical events, personal tragedies, and lingering spirits. This article has journeyed through ten of the most haunted hotels in America, each offering a distinct narrative and experience that bridges the gap between the living and the supernatural. Whether you're a dark tourism connoisseur or a history enthusiast, these haunted hotels promise an unforgettable stay.

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a haunted hotel in america
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