Have you ever bought one of our hotel vouchers? If so, we've got some fantastic news to share, and it's all thanks to you, our valued Hotelgift customers. You've played a remarkable role in making our planet a better and more ethical place. Want to know how? Let's dive right into how you've made a real impact by choosing to buy a hotel gift card from us.

Your Amazing Contribution: Over 100 Million Litres of Clean Drinking Water

a woman drinks a class of water through the efforts of the hotelgift and madeblue collaboration
Together with our partners at Made Blue, we're thrilled to announce that you've helped us donate over 116,709,500 litres of clean drinking water to communities in desperate need. Yes, you read that right - over 100 million litres! This isn't just a number; it's a testament to your dedication to a more sustainable world.

Your Role as Responsible Travellers: Hotel Vouchers Championing Sustainability

Before we go any further, let's take a moment to appreciate the incredible power of sustainability. Sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's the key to a brighter future. It's about ensuring that our choices today don't compromise the resources and environment for future generations. And guess what? You're at the forefront of this meaningful journey.

You, our wonderful customers, are proving that sustainability isn't a distant dream but a daily practice. By making simple yet impactful choices like using reusable bags, opting for stainless steel water bottles, and choosing energy-efficient LED bulbs, you're making a real difference. Your conscious decisions in your everyday life are an inspiration to us all.

A Global Perspective: Delivering Precious Drinking Water

a woman drinks water from a river
Now, let's talk about something close to our hearts - clean drinking water. While in the UK, we're fortunate to have access to pristine water from lakes, rivers, and underground reservoirs, this isn't the case everywhere. Sustainable companies like us understand the importance of preserving this precious resource worldwide.

Made Blue Foundation: Shining a Light on Sustainability

a small child drinks water from a pump
Our friends at the Made Blue Foundation are champions of clean drinking water in developing nations. They've come up with an innovative approach - financing water projects while reducing the water footprint of companies in the Western world. And guess who's been right there with them? You! Through partnerships with sustainable companies like Hotelgift, funds are generated and invested in projects that provide clean water to thousands in need. This not only changes lives but also creates job opportunities, making a positive impact on communities globally.

Hotelgift and You: A Remarkable Partnership for Sustainable Travel

Your choice to buy a hotel gift card for your loved ones has helped forge a remarkable partnership. We're proud to be among the leading sustainable travel companies, dedicated to making a real change. For every hotel gift voucher you've purchased and redeemed, 1,000 litres of water have been donated. That's 1,000 litres of clean drinking water, thanks to you!

Your Hotel Gift Card, Your Impact: Making the Planet Better with Hotel Vouchers

Now, here's the part that truly makes us smile. When you buy a Hotelgift card, you're not just giving the gift of travel; you're contributing to a more sustainable and ethical planet. We understand the significance of your responsible choices and have woven sustainability into our core mission.

Empowering Sustainable Tourism: Together, We Can Change the World

a sign on the beach that says to not leave litter
Sustainable companies worldwide, including us, believe in the importance of sustainable tourism. By choosing Hotelgift, you're advocating for a more responsible and eco-conscious approach to travel. Our commitment to sustainability aligns with the principles of sustainable travel companies. It means promoting eco-friendly accommodations, ethical tourism practices, and environmental conservation. Your contribution is helping us shape a travel industry that respects and preserves the planet's natural wonders for generations to come.

Inspiring Others to Follow Your Lead

a woman holds up a hotel gift card in dam square
Your decision to buy one of our hotel vouchers is a ripple in a pond. It not only brings joy to your loved ones but also inspires others to follow your footsteps. Together, we're creating a wave of positive change. As more people opt for sustainable gift-giving, our collective impact on global sustainability efforts grows stronger. You're sending a powerful message: that responsible, sustainable choices are not just an option but an integral part of creating a better world.

In summary, we want to celebrate you. When you buy a hotel gift card, you're not only sharing the joy of travel with your loved ones, but you're also contributing to making the planet better and more ethical. Your purchase supports initiatives that provide clean drinking water to communities in need, promotes sustainable tourism, and inspires positive change in the way we approach gifting and travel. It's a gift that keeps on giving, leaving a lasting mark on both the hearts of your recipients and the well-being of our world. So thanks for being an incredible force for good.