10 Things That Make Edinburgh The Perfect City Break

Let’s get straight to the point: Edinburgh is hot. Not literally of course. I mean, we’re still talking about a city in the UK… But many consider Edinburgh as a future global destination like Amsterdam, London or Paris. From untouched nature to never ending pub crawls: the Scottish capital offers something every visitor will want to explore to discover their inner King Arthur. Here are 10 top things to see and do in Edinburgh for a perfect city break!

1 – Arthur’s Seat

If you want to feel like King Arthur, you should take his seat! Arthur’s Seat is a big hill with a view over the entire city. It’s a spacious green where locals exercise their morning routines and where tourists take snaps of the magnificent view of Edinburgh and its surroundings.

2 – Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is the #1 tourist attraction in Edinburgh, and for good reason. The centuries old building has survived many wars and with the restorations in place, it still shines like the old fortress it has always been. Since the castle carries a strong military history, it also houses the National War Museum of Scotland.

3 – Calton Hill

Edinburgh is full of spots with beautiful views. On top of Calton Hill, you’ll not only have a view on the city of Edinburgh, but you will also find the Scottish Parliament Building and a number of monuments, including the National Monument, which are well worth a look.

4 – Grassmarket

Famous for it’s notorious history of being the centre for public execution, the Grassmarket now is a lovely place for visiting nice cafes and little shops. The transition from grotesque to picturesque is quite remarkable!

5 – St. Gilles Cathedral

If you walk down the Royal Mile, you will notice the prominent St. Gilles Cathedral, named after patron saint of Edinburgh. Just like the rest of the city, its architecture is a typically Scottish combination of rawness and beauty.

6 – The Real Mary King’s Close

Tired of strolling around and looking for a rush? Try the Real Mary King’s Close! This underground close is said to be haunteds. Your guide will tell you everything you would rather not know, so it’s definitely not for the scaredy-cats amongst us!

7 – The Royal Botanic Garden

Not far from Stockbridge is a little market where locals hang out for drinks and some light shopping. The Royal Botanic Garden is the second oldest in the United Kingdom. It houses beautiful plants and flowers, both in and outside and is loved by tourists seeking inspiration from the exquisite flora.

8 – National Museum of Scotland

For museum lovers, you must visit the National Museum of Scotland. It’s exterior and interior is fascinating in itself, with a combination of ancient and modern elements. Inside, exhibits range from world cultures, to history to science. There’s something for everyone!

9 – The Scotch Whiskey Experience

Whiskey? Scotland! Yes, of course. Scotch (Scottish Whiskey) might be Scotland’s most well known product. Even if you’re not a Whiskey lover, you should try the Scotch Whiskey Experience.  You’ll be able to do a Whiskey Tasting, ride in a barrel and to eat fantastic food accompanied by, of course, the best Scotch.

Edinburgh Scotch Whisky Experience

10 – Portobello beach

Alright, beaches aren’t what Scotland is best known for, but if you feel like going for some very fresh air you should try Portobello beach.

That’s it! Enjoy it while you can, Edinburgh is making a rise in top city trip destinations. Even if you skip all the main tourist attractions, this city has lovely alleys and quirky little shops to keep you busy. It’s the perfect place to go with a Hotel Gift. Give someone a nice stay in one of the 60+ Edinburgh hotels for a perfect weekend trip! For more info on Hotel Gift, click here


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