5 Personalised Christmas Gifts to Surprise Your Loved Ones
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5 Personalised Christmas Gifts to Surprise Your Loved Ones

While some people find it a piece of cake to find the ideal Christmas gift, others still find themselves empty-handed after weeks of searching. At this time of year, it can be a challenge to surprise our loved ones. We can't keep giving those good old personalised mugs. Besides the fact that their cupboard is probably full of them already, we’re also challenging ourselves to find a gift that will fill their heart with love. How do we give a personalised gift that really adds value? We’ve put together this list of 5 original Christmas gifts that are both personal and a surprise to remember.

1. Make an album full of memories

A bit more creative than a photo album, and a much more special to receive. Nothing warms our hearts more than reliving the best moments of our lives. From big celebrations like weddings to those little moments like laughing out loud at a movie night, they all bring a smile to our faces when we think back on them. It’s important to cherish these moments. To ensure that each memory remains as vivid as possible, you can surely make your recipient happy with an album in which you share your greatest adventures. From photos to written stories, nothing is too crazy to add. To get you started, here are a couple ideas to fill the album with:
  • Photos of beautiful moments
  • Written stories of funny bloopers
  • Tickets from concerts you have been to
  • Business cards from your favourite restaurants
  • Wristbands from events you’ve attended
All you need is an empty album, a pen, printed photos and that box under your bed where you keep all your little things. Schedule a Sunday afternoon to cobble everything together and you're done! A little effort for a big smile, every time your recipient opens the book. Give a trip as a christmas gift

2. Let them get away from it all

We all have that one destination we have always wanted to go to, but never get around to. Let's give your loved one the final push they need to finally take that dream trip. Does your recipient want to take that wonderful trip to Thailand to visit the breathtaking temples and wander through the national parks? Make their dream come true with a Flightgift. With this voucher, they can book a flight to Bangkok or one of the other 980 destinations worldwide. You'll have taken the first step towards finally making their plan reality. Personalise your gift with a photo and message to complete your original Christmas gift. Or has your loved one always loved those idyllic little cities like Bibury? No doubt there’s a city closer to home that has been on our list for a while but still hasn't been ticked off. To give a push in the right direction, you could give a hotel stay. With a Hotelgift, you give them the freedom to go whenever they want in a hotel of their choice. They can even choose who they go with, or claim your spot when personalising the gift card by adding your own photo. Whether you go together or let the recipient go alone, they're sure to have an unforgettable experience. All thanks to you!

3. Give a handmade gift

A gift of your own creation shows how much you care for the recipient. And isn't that the purpose of a Christmas gift? Are you thinking: "I'm not that creative?” Have no fear! There is plenty of help out there to guide you. What makes it even better is that your recipient will be extra surprised if you bring a self-made gift. There are plenty of workshops where you can make something special without any previous experience. Think of a painting class, where with the right help you can make a beautiful copy that looks just like a real Banksy. We’re sure your recipient will be proud to hang it in their bedroom. Do you think it's more likely to end up on the toilet wall? Maybe it’s a better idea to make your recipient happy with a practical gift. With a trip to a hardware store and a good YouTube video, you can make a lovely birdhouse for their garden within a day. For the creatives among us, we can make a challenging proposal. How about sewing a garment? In no time at all, you can make a beautiful skirt or elegant t-shirt that your recipient will wear for summers to come. Whether it's a masterpiece of a painting or more like a birdhouse that tends to be hilarious rather than beautiful, it’ll make your recipient smile either way. Give an activity gift

4. Give a voucher for a day out together

Do you like to go out together? There is so much to explore! You don't have to travel far to go on an adventure. With an Activitygift, you give your recipient an activity of their choice, wherever and whenever they want. There are hundreds of activities to experience in the UK, so they’re sure to find something that’ll give them the day of their lives. Is your recipient a real history and culture buff? They’ll definitely enjoy this tour where they learn all about the myths and legends of Durham. Is your loved one more likely to be found in a pub with a beer? Then they’ll surely appreciate this food and beer tasting tour in Manchester. A day full of fun and the best beers, while still learning something about British culture. Does your recipient prefer to go out with the family? Then they can even score tickets for the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. It doesn't stop at the UK. You can find more than 50,000 activities worldwide with an Activitygift voucher. This way, you give a unique Christmas gift that they can spend as they please. Check out our website for the range and give a truly original gift.

5. Make a basket with their favourite treats

This final tip is for the gourmets among us. Is your recipient a real fan of good food? Then you can't make them happier than with a basket full of their favourite snacks. From luxury cheeses from the local specialist to the cheap sweets from their childhood, try adding a variety of treats to take them on a tasty journey through their lives. This will show how well you know your recipient while they enjoy the best memories with their yummy gifts. Prefer to make it an experience? Buy a picnic basket with long-life treats for your recipient to unwrap in the park at a time of their choice, together with you. Can't wait for spring? There's nothing wrong with having a picnic in your own living room! Lay out the blanket, take the cork out of that wine bottle, and put on a background video of a beautiful spring day. That way, you can bring the summer into your home on a cold winter's day. Which of these great Christmas gift tips will you follow? Whether it's a grandiose trip to the other side of the world or a home-knitted jumper, these personalised gifts will give your recipient a Christmas to remember!