5 Eco-Friendly Hotels You Must Visit
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5 Eco-Friendly Hotels You Must Visit

While luxury travel is synonymous with a holiday free from worries, it often comes at the price of compromising the environment. Excellent hotel service requires an endless flow of resources, often at a high cost. Fortunately, some hotels have found a way around this. Today, guests can not only enjoy a luxury stay but can contribute to the environment while doing so. Dive in, as we share our selection of the top 5 hotels that have mastered sustainable travel.

1. Go off the grid with Marataba Mountain Lodge, Marakele National Park, South Africa

Las glamurosas tiendas del Marataba Mountain Lodge, en el Parque Nacional de Marakele Going off the grid no longer implies living in a pop-up tent in the forest. You can still disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with nature while enjoying the benefits of a luxury suite. Marataba Mountain Lodge offers just this. The suites are placed on the side of a mountain, surrounding you with pure wilderness. You will be in a group of 10 guests to ensure the utmost tranquillity. The hotel does not provide any electricity outlet apart from limited solar power.

2. For the eco-conscious art-lovers head over to h2hotel Healdsburg, California

viñedo junto al h2hotel Healdsburg en California This hotel takes “green” to a whole new level. Its grass roof was designed to manage rainwater, reducing its eco-footprint on the neighbouring Foss Creek. In doing so, the hotel also reduces residual heat and preserves the city’s microclimate. In fact, h2hotel is LEED NC 2.2 Gold Certified Green — certifying that everything in this hotel is designed to reduce energy use. Other than being environmentally conscious, the interior of the h2hotel is designed so well, that it’s similar to a modern art gallery. Right by the lobby, you will be welcomed by a huge “spoonfall” wall. This is actually a wall created from 2000 espresso spoons that rock as drops of water fall on them. You will also find a sculptured fireplace illuminated by flame and created from copper. Don’t miss out on plant illustrations designed by Kathy Aoki hanging in all guest rooms.

3. To conserve ecosystems while taking in sights, head to Park Hyatt Hyderabad, India.

Park Hyatt Hyderabad, un palacio en la India This extravagant hotel is eco-efficient in every way. It is cleverly equipped with energy efficiency, water, and carbon-reducing technology. As another proud owner of a LEED Gold certificate, this hotel proves that you don’t need to compromise on sustainability for luxury. Aside from the design and feel, the nearby attractions of the hotel are one of the key perks of staying there. The Park Hyatt Hyderabad is surrounded by gorgeous lakes and national parks and gardens. Visit the Qutub Shahi Tombs to visit the tombs of the royal family, the Chowmahalla Palace, and The Charminar (one of India’s most recognised monuments), in addition to exploring a wide array of temples.

4. Preserve beachside rainforests by visiting Lapa Rios, Costa Rica.

Cascada cerca de Lapa Ríos en Costa Rica Lapa Rios is located in Costa Rica, protecting 1,000 acres of Central America’s tropical lowland rainforest. You will be surrounded by wildlife and beautiful scenery while staying at the cosiest lodge catering to all your needs. Indulge your senses with local Costa Rican cuisine or explore from the treetops with a thrilling zipline course. Not to mention, you will be right by the beach — perfect for dinners with a view. If you want to actively contribute to the reforestation program during your stay, you can even plant a tree yourself.

5. Ski sustainably with Hotel Terra, Wyoming

Vista sobre las montañas con nieve cerca del Hotel Terra en Wyoming This hotel takes recycled materials to new heights, with the whole roof made entirely from recycled products. Hotel Terra actively focuses on saving energy and water by equipping every room with organic mattresses and energy-saving lights. Wake up to the crisp alpine air, surrounded by gorgeous mountains. After a full day of skiing, you can unwind in its ‘Chill Spa’ (the name alone should do it) with majestic sky views, cosy interiors, and spa treatments. If you do not feel like skiing, you can participate in one of their National Park Wildlife Safaris instead. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy one of these unique earth-friendly experiences. Create memories from unique experiences, and find yourself impacting the environment for the better. Book your Hotelgift today.