7 Unbelievably Underrated Christmas Gift Cards
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7 Unbelievably Underrated Christmas Gift Cards

Gift cards are popular Christmas presents due to their variety and versatility. They are a great way to give someone the exact thing they’re longing for without the hassle of guesswork. Christmas gift cards are also sometimes seen as low-effort, last-minute attempts to muster up a present for the occasion. However, this isn’t always true, as there are many options out there that are personalized and memorable. In this article, we’re showcasing the most underrated Christmas gift cards you may have never heard of. From hotel stays to trips abroad, these 7 Christmas gift cards will leave a lasting impression on your loved one this season.

1. Hotelgift gift card

hotelgift is one of the most underrated christmas gift cards Sometimes, a change of scenery is necessary to escape the routine. If you know someone who needs a fresh start to the new year, give them a Hotelgift gift card. This nifty little voucher allows them to book a stay at 550,000+ hotels worldwide.
  • Price: starting from $25
  • Where to get this gift card: Hotelgift.com
  • Why this gift card is underrated: Unlike conventional hotel gift cards, Hotelgift is a flexible solution to enjoy a night or two away. Recipients are independent of a certain hotel or hotel chain’s availability. They can also use this gift card to book multiple hotel stays, diversifying their experiences.

2. Handy gift card

woman helping elderly man A Handy gift card is a prepaid voucher that can be used to book and pay for various home services offered by the Handy platform, such as cleaning, handyman, and home repairs.
  • Price: starting from $25
  • Where to get this gift card: Handy.com
  • Why this gift card is underrated: A Handy gift card is one of the better Christmas gift cards because it offers recipients the convenience of choosing and scheduling home services they may need after the holidays, helping them tackle tasks and enjoy a clean, organized space in the new year.

3. Flightgift gift card

flightgift is one of the most underrated christmas gift cards Give the ultimate Christmas gift this year: a trip of their dreams. Flightgift gift cards are the best way to give a trip for Christmas. Recipients can use this voucher to book a flight with more than 400 airlines worldwide. Whether they want to enjoy winter skating or visit a Christmas market, Flightgift makes it easier for you to make their wish come true.
  • Price: starting from $25
  • Where to get this gift card: Flightgift.com
  • Why this gift card is underrated: Flightgift enables you to create a personalized experience for your recipient. You can add a personal photo, a message, and a preferred amount to give your loved ones. Additionally, the gift card is designed like a plane ticket, with sleeves to preserve the content for a long time.

4. Activitygift gift card

activitygift is one of the most underrated christmas gift cards If you’re buying presents for an extrovert this December, Activitygift gift cards are your best bet. Activitygift lets your loved ones redeem it for 50,000+ activities across the globe. It’s the perfect present for people who are traveling this winter. With Activitygift, they will always find an activity that suits them wherever they are.
  • Price: starting from $25
  • Where to get this gift card: Activitygift.com
  • Why this gift card is underrated: This is one of the best affordable luxury gifts you could get someone. Some exciting activities on this platform go for under $50, such as this Georgetown tour in Washington DC. Additionally, these Christmas gift cards come in 3 formats: physical, eGift, and printable PDF. They make perfect last-minute gifts that are still thoughtful.

5. Goldbelly gift card

woman ordering food A Goldbelly gift card allows recipients to purchase gourmet food and specialty items from famous restaurants and food vendors across the United States. For food lovers, this gift card feels like a dream come true.
  • Price: starting from $25
  • Where to get this gift card: Goldbelly.com
  • Why this gift card is underrated: A Goldbelly gift card provides recipients with the opportunity to explore and enjoy a wide variety of gourmet foods and iconic dishes from renowned restaurants, making it a unique and delicious gift choice.

6. ClassPass gift card

woman exercising A ClassPass gift card is a prepaid card that allows the recipient to access various fitness classes and wellness activities at participating studios and gyms, offering flexibility and convenience in their workout choices.
  • Price: starting from $50
  • Where to get this gift card: Classpass.com
  • Why this gift card is underrated: A ClassPass gift card is a thoughtful Christmas gift because it provides the recipient with the flexibility to choose from a wide range of fitness and wellness activities, allowing them to stay active and healthy while enjoying diverse experiences during the holiday season.

7. Your Own gift card

woman helping elderly woman Out of ideas? How about giving someone your own “gift cards”? If you’re an avid cook, give your loved ones a gift card to redeem a home-cooked meal by you. Other ideas include offering to watch a pet, mowing the lawn, redesigning the living room, etc.
  • Price: Free
  • Where to get this gift card: You can create a gift certificate for this yourself using templates available online.
  • Why this gift card is underrated: This “Christmas gift card” is a cheeky but practical way to express love via acts of service. It’s especially popular with people who appreciate little favors instead of physical gifts.

Christmas gift cards: Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions surrounding Christmas gift cards.

What are the best gift cards to buy for Christmas?

The best gift cards for Christmas depend on the recipients’ needs, wants, and preferences. Recently, some of the hottest gift cards have been for experiences. Experiences are more memorable than materialistic gifts, and they don’t clutter your house. Consider a more minimalistic approach this season, and go for an experience Christmas gift card.

What is an appropriate amount to give for Christmas?

The appropriate amount to give for a Christmas gift can vary widely depending on your relationship with the recipient, your budget, and local customs. Here are some general guidelines:
  • Close family and friends: For close family members and close friends, you might consider a more generous gift, which could range from $50 to $200 or more, depending on your budget.
  • Extended family and acquaintances: For extended family members and acquaintances, a gift in the range of $20 to $50 is often considered thoughtful.
  • Colleagues and co-workers: For colleagues and co-workers, a modest gift in the range of $10 to $25 is typically appropriate.
  • Children: When giving gifts to children, the amount can vary widely, but a common guideline is to spend around $20 to $50 on a gift for a child.
Remember that the most important aspect of gift-giving is the thought and sentiment behind it. Consider the recipient's tastes and needs when selecting a gift, and don't feel pressured to overspend if it strains your budget. Ultimately, it's the thought and effort that make a gift meaningful.

Are gift cards good Christmas gift exchange ideas?

Yes, gift cards are a popular and practical choice for Christmas gift exchanges. They allow recipients to choose their preferred items, ensuring they get something they want or need. It's a versatile and considerate option, especially when uncertain about the recipient's preferences.

How to gift a trip for Christmas?

A trip as a Christmas gift is one of the best presents you can give someone. You can arrange the trip yourself and find a creative way to announce it to the recipient. However, by going this route, you risk booking a vacation to a destination that might not be what the recipient wants. Another way to gift a trip for Christmas is by purchasing travel gift cards for Christmas. One of the most used gift cards for traveling is Flightgift. This gift card acts as a plane ticket, which the recipient can redeem with 400+ airlines worldwide.

How to wrap a Christmas gift card?

We made a detailed guide on how to wrap a Christmas gift card to impress your loved ones. Check it out!

Christmas gift cards: Last thoughts

Christmas gift cards are a wonderful way to surprise someone during the festive season. Through our list of underrated Christmas gift cards, we hope you can find the best gift for your loved one this December.