The ideal destinations for your beer holiday in Europe
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The ideal destinations for your beer holiday in Europe

This one goes out to all you beer lovers. If options from your nearby supermarket just don't hit the right spot, book a trip to one of these European locations to satisfy your taste pallet. Gather your friends, and plan your very first - and hopefully not last - beer holiday in Europe.

Plzen, Czech Republic

man tapping a beer in his brewery in Plzen While you might instantly think Prague when considering the Czech Republic for a visit, there are better cities out there for a good lager. Plzeň is translated to Pilsen and is home to the pale lager. The most visited tourist attraction there is the Pilsner Urquell Brewery. Here, you can learn more about this oldest brewery of pilsner in the world while tasting some traditional beer. There are also many smaller family-owned breweries around that are worth a visit. Next to the dozens of places to extend your lager-knowledge, this city offers interesting architecture. With breathtaking medieval-style buildings and Reinassence-inspired cathedrals, walking around Plzeň will be a joy. Do you still like to visit the capital city of Czech Republic? Prague is only a short drive away.

Dublin, Ireland

a bartender tapping multiple Guinness beers in a pub The list is not complete without Dublin and its famous beer. The original Guinness brewery was founded by Arthur Guinness in 1759. If you like this dark beer or want to give it a try, there isn't a more authentic place to do so than the Guinness Museum. Enjoy a pint after the tour on top of the building with a 360-degree view of the city. Not a fan? No problem. There is a broad selection of locally brewed craft beers that will not disappoint. Visit one of the 600 pubs in Dublin to find your favourite. Even after days of hopping from bar to bar, you’ll never get bored of the atmosphere and live music in these places. While you’re in Dublin, make the best of it by exploring the wonderful nature that this area has to offer. In just an hour’s drive from the city centre, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the breathtaking Wicklow Mountains. The fresh air will be the best cure for your hangover.

Brussels, Belgium

the city square in Brussels on a sunny day Belgium is world-famous for its beer. Brussels is the perfect place to try it out for yourself. Cantillon and the Brewer's House breweries do fantastic taste tours, where you can even visit a museum dedicated to the brown bottles. Here, you’ll find an endless variety of beers to try, as Belgians don't shy away from experimenting with their beverages. Even the monasteries here are not afraid to brew their own. That's how passionate the locals are about this tradition. Those not so keen on the Irish Guinness can explore the variety of Belgian Fruit Beers in Brussels. Make sure to have a Belgian waffle to line your stomach first! Have you got more time to explore the country? When taking a road trip through Belgium, you can easily visit multiple cities in just a couple of days. More cities where you can continue your trip are Bruges, Ghent, and Antwerp. In these idyllic cities, you can take multiple beer tours while being surrounded by the iconic Belgium bridges.

Munich - Germany

people enjoying a beer outside in Munich You may think that Munich has gotten quite commercial due to the Oktoberfest hosted there, but nevertheless, you cannot deny that their beer is fantastic. You can visit one (or all) of the six breweries there to see what this city has to offer. Visit it during Oktoberfest to enjoy the show, or avoid the tourist crowds and enjoy your drinks in peace all throughout the rest of the year. You can also visit St Peter's Church and the beautiful Deutsches Museum while you're there to soak up a bit of culture before you leave.

Bonus tip outside of Europe: Austin, Texas

A helicopter view of the city centre of Austin Texas You will find way more craft breweries in Austin, than in any other city in this state. Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company even got awarded two gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). Some of the country's best breweries are based in this beer city in the USA, which means that locals and visitors can enjoy a cold one any time they like. Austin beer craftsmen care a lot about the food and beverage pairing. You can see this reflected in the new establishments such as The Brewer's Table, which pairs Texas pastries with local beers. A fan of music? Austin is also called the Live Music Capital of the World. With multiple live venues, you can enjoy your lager while listening to the next Beyoncé.