Milestone: Hotelgift Reaches More Than 5,000 Reviews On Trustpilot
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Milestone: Hotelgift Reaches More Than 5,000 Reviews On Trustpilot

We're celebrating 5,000 reviews for Hotelgift! Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be challenging, but Hotelgift has a surprising and inspiring solution. Imagine giving someone a hotel stay, where they select their dream hotel in a destination of their choice. That is exactly what Hotelgift offers: a unique and personalized gift. Recently, Hotelgift reached an impressive milestone of more than 5,000 reviews on Trustpilot. With an 'excellent' score of 4.6, we have successfully helped countless people spread beautiful memories through the gift of unforgettable experiences. What makes this original gift so special? We would like to share that with you!

Hotelgift's success story

. woman holds gift card from Hotelgift by canal It all started with a passion for travel. From an initial pen and paper sketch of a personalized gift card, Hotelgift was launched, a gift card that can be used at more than 550,000 hotels worldwide. Hotelgift offers a luxury hotel gift card that gives travelers the freedom to choose their hotel stay. With thousands of member hotels in more than 170 countries, Hotelgift recipients can enjoy an unforgettable night at a hotel that perfectly suits their needs, from intimate boutique hotels in Paris to luxury resorts in Bali. The success of Hotelgift lies in its simplicity and convenience. It works like a digital gift card, but instead of being limited to a specific store, travelers can redeem it for a stay at one of the many hotels that are affiliated. It works the same way as booking a hotel room, but with the added bonus that it's already paid for as a gift. Who wouldn't want that? Hotelgift also likes to do something for the world. For example, we have a partnership with Made Blue, an organization dedicated to reducing water shortages in developing countries. How. Your gift certificate automatically ensures that 1,000 liters of clean drinking water is donated to a place that desperately needs it. What you have to do for this? Nothing, we treat. Hotelgift's flexibility is another reason for its success. Travelers can choose the dates they want to stay, and they are not bound by fixed travel plans. This gives them the freedom to tailor a trip and tailor their adventures to their own needs and preferences. We also understand that sometimes travel can take unexpected turns or you may be left with different questions. For that, our Customer Success team is here for you 24/7. This could be about your hotel booking or maybe you have a question about the gift card itself.

The Travelers Speak: 5,000 reviews on Trustpilot

Luxury hotel with pool and sea view Hotelgift's success is best reflected in the experiences of travelers who have received and used the gift. With 5,000 reviews on Trustpilot, Hotelgift has achieved a remarkable score, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Review: Order process went very smoothly. Nice product, can be customized with own format and personal message. Highly recommended! Many travelers praise the concept of the hotel gift card, emphasizing the freedom to choose where to stay. This allows them to explore unique destinations and have new experiences. Many people enjoy the fact that the gift is not superfluous material gifts, but rather it is about the lasting memories. Review: Fast delivery within 2 to 4 business days. Also nice that you can add an image in the form of a door hanger. And lots of choice in hotels. Hotelgift's customer service is praised as attentive, responsive and helpful. Travelers feel valued and cared for, which increases their confidence in the hotel gift. Review: We received incredibly nice customer service. Related that our voucher was about to expire. Top advice to book now for next year.

A gift that continues to inspire

Beach with sunset and two beach chairs Hotelgift has proven to be a Gamechanger in the travel industry. Achieving 5,000 reviews on Trustpilot only confirms that this original gift makes a lasting impression on travelers worldwide. With its innovative concept, flexibility, and social commitment, Hotelgift is a unique combination for the perfect gift. If you are looking for an original gift for that one friend who loves to travel or your grandparents you want to gift a night away, Hotelgift is the ideal choice. It offers the freedom of choice, unforgettable hotel stays and contributes to a better world at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Gift a unique Hotelgift and give an experience that will last a lifetime! Still looking for a last-minute gift but don't want to arrive with an envelope full of cash? Then here we have a list of affordable last-minute gifts for every budget.