5 Romantic Cities in Holland For The Perfect Night Out
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5 Romantic Cities in Holland For The Perfect Night Out

A romantic night or weekend away quickly brings to mind cities like Paris, Antwerp or Rome, but there is also plenty of romance to be discovered closer to home. Book a night in a tiny house in the middle of the Veluwe or get a breath of fresh air at the coast. We list five cities for the perfect romantic night out in the Netherlands.

1. Amsterdam

Romantische grachten van Amsterdam For romance in Amsterdam, you don't have to look far. The city radiates love. If you want to find some excitement, take a look at the renovated A'DAM Tower. Here you can dine with a view of the city, and as icing on the cake, it is possible to swing together, above the IJ, on the highest swing in the Netherlands, who wouldn't want that? Or take a walk and be surprised by all the beauty the city has to offer. Are you curious about what else you can experience in our capital city? Then read our tips & hotspots for Amsterdam. Want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a while? Then take a romantic walk in the Amsterdam forest. Various walks are often organized here as well, such as a sunrise walk or a full moon walk. How romantic does this sound? Book your night away at the Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam, right in the center. And enjoy all the luxury the hotel has to offer.

2. Maastricht

Maastricht romantisch avond Maastricht is the city of good Burgundian food and is therefore also seen as one of the most romantic cities in the Netherlands. Although the whole city is great, you will also find the world-famous Vrijthof. From Andre Rieu's performances to the annual Christmas market, this is and remains a magical place. Here romance is taken care of down to the smallest details. Perhaps that's why Vrijthof has been voted Maastricht's most romantic hotspot. Besides all that good food and enjoyment of this city, do you also want to experience something active? Then visit the caves of Sint-Pietersberg. You can choose to enter the caves on foot, but do you want a bit more of a challenge? Then take the scooter and explore the 30-meter-deep caves with a guide. In the Amrâth Grand Hotel de lEmpereur, you will find all the luxury for a romantic night away.

3. The Wadden Islands

waddeneilanden strand If you want a nice trip in your own country, the Wadden Islands are the perfect option. Do you go for some more hustle and bustle on Texel or would you rather seek the peace and quiet, on one of the other islands? The choice doesn't really matter, because when you take a step on the ferry, you really feel like you're away for a while. Here you can enjoy the cozy villages and beautiful nature. In our opinion, the right combination for a romantic weekend away. During a stay on one of the Wadden Islands, it is of course extra nice if you do fun things together and make memories. Whether you enjoy a relaxing day at the spa or prefer to get on your bike for a nice bike ride, both are possible. In general, Texel has the most to do, but don't rule out the other islands either. Are you curious about what you can experience on the various islands during the winter? Discover the Wadden Islands in winter.

4. Utrecht

Utrecht avond romantisch Another beautiful and also romantic city in the Netherlands that of course, we should not skip in this list is Utrecht, or Domstad. You'll find beautiful architecture and delicious restaurants here, which you can discover by taking a city walk together. We like to list some options for you:
  • Climb the Utrecht Dom: If you like a little challenge, climb the Dom Tower. This is the centerpiece of the city and brings with it a long history. You can also recently choose to go up by elevator, but for the full experience, climbing the stairs is really a must.
  • Boating on Utrecht's canals: If you thought this was only an option in Amsterdam then you're wrong. See Utrecht from a different angle and book a boat trip. This way you will discover the nicest restaurants and terraces. In the summer it is also possible to go on the canal with sup, for the sporty among us.
  • Walking along the Oudegracht: Do you like to get romance out of the little things? Then a walk along the most famous street in Utrecht is a perfect option. This long street cuts through the entire city center from south to north.
  • Visit the Botanical Garden: Are you looking for some peace and quiet and want to escape the daily hectic? Then the Botanical Garden should not be missed.
Book a night away at the NH Centre Utrecht, and you'll have all the amenities within walking distance!

5. Haarlem

Haarlem in de avond romantisch Haarlem is also called the sister of Amsterdam. Therefore this city could not be missing from our list either. After all, this is the perfect spot for a romantic night out. Within no time you are on the beach, it is even perfectly doable by bike. But there is also plenty to do in the city center. From walking to dining, in Haarlem you will find a good combination of different activities. We are happy to share them with you:
  • The Jopenkerk: Visit the Jopenkerk together and drink the tastiest special beers. You can also enjoy a delicious dinner here. Should this be your plan, don't forget to make reservations.
  • The almshouse route: Haarlem used to have more than forty almshouses. These are often called “hofjes” for short. They are courtyards or inner gardens around which mostly smaller homes are built. You can walk your own route along the hofjes, but you are not allowed to walk everywhere on the grounds. Want more background information about these hofjes? Then book a guide and imagine yourself in the history of Haarlem.
  • Getting a breath of fresh air on the beach: Haarlem is a stone's throw from both Bloemendaal and Zandvoort. Both can be reached by car, but if you have a bicycle at your disposal, that is also perfectly doable. Take a walk on the beach together and enjoy a snack and drink at one of the beach tents. There are several beach bars open in the winter, such as De Haven van Zandvoort or NIUS Beachhouse.
In Haarlem it is possible to look up the hustle and bustle, but you are also right on the beach, in an oasis of tranquillity. For a stay in the center of Haarlem, this stylish 4-star hotel Hotel Lion d'Or is the right place for you. Would you like to surprise your valentine with a unique and personal gift? Then give the Hotelgift card as a present! Read here how to redeem the gift card in five easy steps. Have fun making memories!