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“I would sooner be a foreigner in Spain than in most countries. How easy it is to make friends in Spain!” – George Orwell

Friendly and delicious spheres in Spain

Enjoy the good life with paella, vino and siesta

Mr. Orwell is right when he says that it’s easy to make friends in Spain. The Spaniards are not only known for their paella and vino, late habits and siesta, but also for their very affectionate behaviors. When in Spain, you’ll most likely encounter hugs and kisses when saying both hello and goodbye, even with new acquaintances. And remember: when in Spain you always kiss from right to left, so exactly the opposite of the French, of course.  

Unforgettable Spanish memories

Hotelgift is the hotel gift voucher for numerous unforgettable memories in warm and generous Spain. Our hotel gift card can be used for more than 7000 hotels in 181 Spanish getaways, which makes it the perfect gift for someone who needs a relaxing break. Whether you choose to stay in majestic Madrid, lively Barcelona, sunny Tenerife or innovative Valencia, we guarantee that you’ll always find a nice hotel with Hotelgift. Our selection of cozy hideouts, boutique hotels, and 5-star resorts will make you dream of a Spanish holiday!

7000 hotels and 181 destinations in Spain

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