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The Netherlands

Did you know that the Dutch actually have a word for the enjoyment you feel before something nice is going to happen? The word is “voorpret”, which literally translates to pre-fun!

Getting down to earth in The Netherlands

Amazing experiences in the fun and cultured Netherlands

That the Dutch have a word for pre-fun is not surprising, since they really love to enjoy the good things in life. To give an example, you’ll find more than 360 music festivals organized per year – and that’s only in Amsterdam! If you don’t like festivals, the country below sea-level also has amazing cheese, mystical Rembrandts, lush tulip fields and beautiful canals to offer for friends of food and culture. All in moderation of course, because the Dutch like to keep it down to earth!

Wonderful Dutch memories

Hotelgift is the hotel gift voucher for numerous extraordinary memories in the entertaining and beautiful Netherlands. Our hotel gift card can be used at more than 600 hotels in 85 locations in the Netherlands, which makes it the perfect gift for someone who needs a relaxing break. We guarantee you that you’ll always find a nice hotel with a Hotelgift voucher. Our Hotelgift card can be redeemed for any type of accommodation: from artistic boutique hotels in the buzzing Dutch cities of Amsterdam or Rotterdam to cozy countryside hideouts. We have them all.

600 hotels and 85 destinations in The Netherlands

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