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The former French president Charles de Gaulle once said: “How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?”

Lavender fields, romantic cities and luxurious coastlines in France

Experience the nonchalance and je ne sais quoi of France

Everybody probably knows France, or at least Paris. That’s no wonder since it’s magnificent in many aspects. They have amazing patisserie and is the home of legendary artists and classic architecture. They say that France is the embodiment of the arts and they are very proud of it. The result of this is the chic but very well deserved je ne sais quoi that makes us secretly hearken to this majestic country even more.

Unforgettable memories in France

With 3100 hotels in 110 locations in France, Hotelgift is the perfect gift to give someone who deserves a relaxing break. Let them choose a hotel in the city of love – Paris or a cute cottage between the lavender fields of Provence; a luxurious resort on the boulevards of trendy Cannes or an artsy boutique hotel in Lille. A Hotelgift assures unforgettable memories no matter where the recipient goes.

3100 hotels and 110 destinations in France

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