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Oh, Canada... Canada’s amazing nature and thrilling cities will make you forget the icy cold that sweeps the country every winter.

Discover the natural and urban beauty of Canada

The dream of every nature lover

Of course, Canada has a handful of big cities that will not disappoint you. But if there’s one thing Canada is famous for, it must be all the national parks and their splendid nature. You probably know Niagara falls but Canada has way more to offer. This country has numerous mountains, the longest coastline worldwide and more lakes than you can count. In fact, Canada has more lakes than any other country in the world!

Wonderful memories from Canada

Canada is a massive country, so no wonder that we have 1439 hotels in our Canada portfolio. Whether you want to go on a city break in idyllic Quebec City or the biggest city in Canada, thrilling Toronto. And let’s not forget about Vancouver, which is buzzing with artistry! Best of all: you have the most beautiful nature surrounding these cities. It’s the perfect getaway for someone who either wants to seclude themselves in the middle of nature, but also for someone who is more interested in wandering around city streets.

1439 hotels and 142 destinations in Canada

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