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Have you ever had Belgian Waffles? If you haven’t, you should. One look at these Belgium goodies and your mouth will water.

Eat waffles in Belgium

Exploring both parts of Belgium

Belgium consists of two main parts: Fleming and Walloon. Belgians speak Dutch in Flemish Belgium and French in Walloon, so you might travel from one city to another and hear a completely different language! Most Belgians are hedonists and really love the good life –  so be prepared to spend a lot of time on eating and drinking well. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafés in every Belgian city, town, and village so we’re sure you’ll find a nice spot to enjoy your time. 

Marvelous memories from Belgium

You’ll find dozens of cities to visit in Belgium.  You can use your Hotelgift voucher in 386 hotels in 30 locations in Belgium and since the country is relatively small, it’s perfect for city hopping! You’ll discover the many bridges in Brugge, gaze at old Belgian architecture in Liege, shop in Antwerp and sip wine in cozy cafes in Brussels. Belgium is a good place to enjoy life!

386 hotels and 30 destinations in Belgium

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