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G’Day, Mate. Did you know that Australia welcomes 7.5 million visitors each year? Stunning landscapes, sunny beaches, and impressive cities are to blame.

Enjoy the sun in the land of Aussies, togs, and barbies

Discover what the largest island nation in the world has to offer

Many years ago, Australia was the biggest secluded island the British could find. Thereafter, they decided it was the perfect place to send prisoners and other criminals and named it New Holland. Luckily, it’s not a scary place anymore. Australia is full of wonders and the dream destination of many. Don’t let the many poisonous snakes and spiders scare you…the sea is calling!

Making unforgettable memories in Australia

With so many hotels in Australia, you’re sure to give an unforgettable experience in any city your recipient’s heart desires. Whether it’s redeemed for a relaxing getaway on the Gold Coast, for sightseeing in Sydney or culture shopping in Melbourne, it’s put to use quickly and easily. The Hotelgift card can be redeemed for any type of accommodation: from artsy boutique hotels in Adelaide to ultra-luxurious resorts on the beaches of Queensland. We have them all.

2700 hotels and 135 destinations in Australia

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