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Sydney sure is good-looking! The Pacific coastline and the surrounding nature give Sydney a natural beauty that is difficult to top.

Endless beaches and diverse cultures in Sydney

Brash but elegant Sydney

Sydney is charming but many would also describe the city as brash when compared to other Australian cities. Sydney is loud, uncompromising and in your face. Somehow the city manages to be a bit more, well, everything, than other cities. Sydney is Australia’s New York and everyone who is (or wants to be) somebody flocks here. This mish-mash of people is the reason why Sydney is not only hyper-energetic, but also ambitious, soulful and beautiful.

Creating exciting and unpredictable memories in Sydney

With more than 270 hotels in Sydney, Hotelgift is the perfect gift for someone who needs to have an exciting break and escape to buzzing Sydney. There’s always a new restaurant to check out, interesting bar to explore, sports team to cheer at or crazy party to go to. Whatever your intentions are when visiting Sydney, the Hotelgift voucher has your back. From glamorous to casual, there’s always plenty of hotels to suit your needs with the Hotelgift card.

highlight of Sydney

Sydney Opera House
Yes, of course, this iconic building needs to be on the list! The Sydney Opera House has the best spot in the entire city, looking over the Harbour Bridge. On the other side of the spectacular building, you'll find a park perfect for a picnic.
Sydney Harbour National Park
This vast National Park just outside of Sydney protects bushland around the harbor shoreline and several harbor islands. Amongst the greenery, you’ll find perfect walking paths, breath-taking lookouts, and Aboriginal carvings.
Bondi Beach
Bondi is probably one of the most well-known and best beaches in the world. It’s located 8 km outside the city center and the waves are magnificent! The water has an average temperature of 21°C and if the sea is too wild, you can always try the saltwater baths.
Harbour Bridge
The Harbour Bridge is a majestic sight, but also the view from the bridge of Sydney is breathtaking. If you’re an adventurous soul, you should try the popular BridgeClimb - you’ll have an even better view from up the arch!
Sydney Observatory
The copper-domed observatory built in sandstone is located on Observatory Hill, overlooking the busy harbor. The collection spans splendid vintage observatory equipment and you'll also find a planetarium here. Else, choose night-time stargazing or Aboriginal sky storytelling!
Royal Botanic Garden
The Royal Botanic Garden is a peaceful green area in the middle of the city center. It’s well maintained and the perfect spot for a nice stroll, picnic or flower gazing. The ambiance is chill and relaxed, making it the perfect break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

270 hotels in Sydney

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