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Forget Sydney, go for Melbourne instead. This city is younger, cooler and trendier and will make all your hipster dreams come true.

Enjoy the artistic vibes of trendy Melbourne

Experience the stylish and artsy lifestyle of Melbourne

Melbourne is the city to go to when you want to be part of a lively scene that’s filled with crazy art, delicious coffee, and good food. Melbourne offers the perfect getaway to just sit back and take your time for strolls, nice bars, restaurants, and art galleries. Be amazed by all cultures and subcultures and the different areas that all have a different but trendy feel to them. Great coffee and food are ingrained in Melbourne’s culture, so don’t be surprised when you see long lines in front of some bakeries and coffee shops!

Making fantastic memories in Melbourne

Fantastic memories of a stay in any city are accompanied by good accommodation. Melbourne has the trendiest and stylish boutique hotels out there, which perfectly blends with its culture. If you’re looking for a hotel with a more familiar name, they are also available in this cosmopolitan city. With 315 hotels in Melbourne, you’re sure to find a hotel with a Hotelgift voucher that suits your taste and makes you feel at home anywhere.

highlight of Melbourne

National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)
Every great city has a national gallery and Melbourne is no exception. The National Gallery of Melbourne showcases a wide variety of arts, ranging from ancient to contemporary. This place is huge so make sure to leave enough time to see everything.
Queen Victoria Market
The best place to blend in with locals anywhere is local markets. Queen Victoria Market is a jewel in Melbourne. They sell fresh produce every day, but also sell delicious sweets and other goodies. The ambiance is considered to be cozy and vibrant. Perfect for a weekday.
Melbourne Cricket Ground
Sport might be just as important to Melbourne as coffee and food are. A very popular sport is Cricket. Try to be part of a cricket game when in Melbourne because it is sure to give you an unforgettable experience filled with joy and excitement.
Royal Botanic Gardens
If you’re searching for a place where you can take a nice stroll in a peaceful environment, head to the Royal Botanic Gardens. The paths guide you the way with informative signs that explain the wide variety of fauna and flora.
Carlton Gardens
Carlton Gardens is loved by the locals and is often used for family picnics and BBQs. The garden is well maintained, so grab goodies from Queen Victoria Market and head this way for a relaxing day at the park.
Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia
In contrast to NGV, the Ian Potter Centre highlights more of the local arts. The best part of this gallery is the aboriginal art and history. Other parts showcase wonderful exhibitions that differ from time to time and draws locals back every time.

315 hotels in Melbourne

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