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The weather in this city is unpredictable, the people love tea and you have to look right first before crossing the street. London might look grey but when you get to know it, you’ll love it.

Getting lost in the underground of London

Forget the weather – London is more than that

There is nothing more confusing than having to walk on the left side of the street when you’re used to walking on the right. When you’ve found the right spot, you’ll enjoy the view of the classic black English cabs and red double deckers. It’s no problem when you’re lost because you’ll find all the smaller streets away from the busy touristy streets and stumble upon nice pubs and trendy restaurants for improving English dishes and a good pint of beer.

Making fine memories in London

With Hotelgift, you can choose from 809 hotels in London. London has nice areas that all have a different look and feel for you to choose from. The historic buildings in Greenwich, the lively and alternative scene of Camden or the boutique style of Notting Hill, you’ll be surprised by all the beauty London has to offer. Staying in a hotel with Hotelgift allows you to spend more time and money on making fine memories in this lovely city.

highlight of London

Camden Market
Camden Town is famous for its market. It offers an extensive amount of shops where you can buy clothing, jewelry and other statement pieces. Numerous food stalls can also be found to satisfy your hunger.
London Eye
The London Eye is probably the most outstanding building in London. It’s the large ferris-wheel that allows you to view London from higher atmospheres.
Tower of London
The Tower of London is not really tower, it’s a bunch of towers. More specifically, it’s a castle. The castle is centuries old and famous for the death of several kings and queens. A history that you should definitely learn more about.
Tower Bridge
When you google London, you’ll probably see pictures of the Tower Bridge pop up. Perhaps the most iconic feature of the London Skyline deserves a spot in your photo album as well.
Westminster Abbey
Another popular attraction in London is Westminster Abbey. This church is the place where many royal events have taken place and where famous Englishmen are buried, including Sir Isaac Newton.
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is currently the residence of the Queen of England. Even though she resides here half of the year, it’s still open for visitors and an opportunity to see the house of Queen Elizabeth II from the inside.

810 hotels in London

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