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Endless malls, crazy expensive cars and seemingly endless flows of oil. It’s the city that has risen from the desert: Dubai, the city of amazing skyscrapers!

Amazing buildings and luxury in Dubai

Discover Dubai beyond the bling and shine

Of course, Dubai is the city where all the jet-setters seem to gather. But it’s also a fantastic place for families and those who take things more moderately. Dubai actually has an interesting history and nature to enjoy. You can go for an ATV ride in the desert or relax at the beach that the city has planted. It has also built several theme parks and aquariums to get a refreshing break from the malls. Dubai has more to offer than you might think.

Making lasting memories in Dubai

With 475 hotels in Dubai, you’ll always find a hotel that suits your taste. Whether you want a hotel with an enormous swimming pool, the nicest suite or its own beach: Hotelgift has all these hotels in one card. The recipient can choose the hotel using our bookings engine and choose from any of the 475 hotels.

highlight of Dubai

Burj Khalifa
The highest building in the world stands in Dubai and as you can imagine the highest view can also be taken from the Burj Khalifa. If you go to the 148th floor, you’ll be able to overlook the city.
Dubai Mall
Possibly one of the most impressive malls in the world is The Dubai Mall. If more than a thousand shops and 150 restaurants weren't enough, it also has a theme park and zoo.
Dubai Fountain
Right next to The Dubai Mall, you’ll find the Dubai Fountain. This fountain orchestrates fantastic water shows, accompanied by colorful light and beautiful music.
Palm Jumeirah
It might not ring a bell instantly, but when you see it you will immediately recognize it. It’s the artificially carved island in the shape of a palm tree that’s connected with Dubai by tram.
Kite Beach
One of the most popular beaches in Dubai is Kite Beach, as the name suggests, this beach is exceptionally suitable for water sports. But you can also go shopping or skating on the pier.
Al Fahidi
You might think that Dubai was nothing but sand before it rose from the ground, but that’s not entirely true. In the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood you can learn everything about the local customs, history and more.

476 hotels in Dubai

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