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Hola! This is the city page for Barcelona. The city of Gaudi, Dali, and Miro. Siestas and tapas. It’s one of the most popular city trips in Europe for more than one reason!

Sangria, tapas, and sunshine in Barcelona

Discover the city of Gaudi and lovely customs

Barcelona is a city in Catalonia, which is on the east side of Spain. Even though it’s part of Spain, they have their own Catalonian pride. They have their own language and customs and the locals are known to be most honest and sincere of all the Spanish. The fact that local restaurants will serve you a shot of liquor for free after dinner shows it! Barcelona is the city that has it all. From shopping to beach, to mountains, to culture, to everything.

Making unforgettable memories in Barcelona

With 451 hotels in Barcelona, you’re sure to give someone a stay at a place anywhere he or she likes. Does the recipient like the beach? Redeem a Hotel Gift for one of the resorts near the beach. Does he or she prefer the mountains? Choose a nice mountain cottage. Are we talking about a real FC Barcelona fan? There are enough hotels to pick from near Camp Nou. Rather be in the center near all of the tourist sights and shops? Get a hotel on the Ramblas. Whatever the recipients like, we offer the right hotel.

highlight of Barcelona

La Rambla
As the center of Barcelona, the La Rambla is always crowded with people. They sell all kinds of souvenirs there and have nice terraces to enjoy the Spanish sun with a good carafe of cold sangria.
La Boqueria
When you’re on the La Rambla, you shouldn't skip La Boqueria! It’s an indoor market where they sell fresh produce and delicious small bites that are perfect for a quick lunch break. Tapas, fruits and fresh juice for lunch, anyone?
Park Guell
A beautiful garden designed by famous Catalonian artist Antoni Gaudi is Park Guell. The park is filled with sculptures and colourful buildings that will remind you of a bizarre but fairy-tale-like dream. It’s the perfect place for a nice and picture-worthy stroll.
Sagrada Familia
Perhaps the most famous attraction in Barcelona is Sagrada Familia. It’s another piece of art by Antoni Gaudi. Having the same feel and vibe but much bigger, it’s one of the oldest ongoing architectural projects in Barcelona waiting to be finished in approximately 2026 (after 144 years!).
The most terrific view of the city can be seen from Castell de Montjuïc. This fortress stands on top of the Montjuic hill and hosts a film festival every summer, so you can watch a movie in style.
Camp Nou
Next to Gaudi, the city is also famous for another figure: FC Barcelona. As one the best football clubs in the world, the Camp Nou stadium is definitely worth the visit for football lovers. Perhaps, you can even chip in on a game and have the time of your life!

451 hotels in Barcelona

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