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Just like other cities, Amsterdam is famous for it’s cozy and picturesque architecture. What makes Amsterdam extra beautiful and sets itself apart from the rest, of course, are the boats and canals!

Cruise the canals of Amsterdam

Discover the beauty of Holland in Amsterdam

Many years ago, Holland was the king of the sea. This country conquered many countries and formed colonies. This resulted in an era full of gold and arts, but also a darker history. You can learn all about it in the many museums Amsterdam has to offer. It’s perfect when rain is falling and when it’s not, take a cruise on the canals, sniff on tulips and eat all of the Gouda cheese.

Making wonderful memories in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is rich with hotels. With 237 hotels within the Hotel Gift Portfolio, you’re sure to find a nice hotel in the area you like. Whether you want to have a nice view of the canals or don’t want to be far from the chicest shopping street of Amsterdam, a Hotel Gift has it covered. Alternatives are hotels near the bustling cafe and bars area, or near the oldest, cozy neighborhoods like the Jordaan.

highlight of Amsterdam

The Vondelpark is a nice green park to explore typical local life. You can spot locals here doing their morning exercise, hanging out for a beer or taking their dog for a leisurely walk. It’s also recommended to explore it by bike, a typical Dutch vehicle!
The Rijksmuseum showcases all the arts from around the golden age. Art masters are Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan Steen, and Johannes van Meer. You’ll be able to gasp at world-famous paintings like "The Night’s Watch" but also decades old decorations and small arts.
Van Gogh Museum
For a more recent take on Dutch arts, head to the Van Gogh Museum. It’s near the Rijksmuseum and showcases many paintings of the painter that cut (a part) of his ear off: Van Gogh. It also exhibits other painters of his time and shows a more modern art style.
Canal cruise
Coming straight from Amsterdam Central Station, you’ll walk next to several providers of canal cruises. You’ll always find a boat that suits your taste. They will cruise you through the canals of Amsterdam so you can see the old houses from the water.
Anne Frank House
One attraction that will give you chills is the Anne Frank House. It tells the story of Anne Frank. This Jewish Girl who fled to this house where she and her family hid behind a bookcase. She kept a diary of her experiences in this house in Amsterdam that allows us to know the details of her life.
The Heineken Experience
Did you know that the beer brand Heineken was founded by the Dutch Heineken family? This family and their beer brand have quite an interesting story. Their story is showcased in the old Heineken brewery that’s been renovated to tell the dynamic story of Heineken.

hotels in Amsterdam

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