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Calling all cheese lovers. We might have just found you a perfect hotel!

July 31st, 2018
Lisbon, Portugal is a gorgeous city with many beautiful areas to explore, places to stay and restaurants to eat at. But did you know that you can stay in a hotel specialising in cheese and wine ?

Lisbon’s Cheese and Wine Suites are a dream come true. This gem of a hotel is placed in a trendy district of Santos, has a minimalist modern but charming design and is within a walking distance to the city’s main attractions such as the Santa Catarina church, and is just a short tram away from the downtown area Chiado. Chiado is a hub movement in Lisbon. It hosts the busiest shopping spots – Rua Garrett where you can also taste a delicious chocolate croissant. If you want to blend in with the locals order a “bica” – a coffee in Lisbon slang, after which you can visit the local rooftop bars to enjoy the gorgeous view of the city. 

The name does not tell lies. This hotel greets its customers with a bottle of delicious local wine and cheese with crackers. But you don’t have to eat solely cheese there. The hotel is praised for its extensive and quality breakfast spread that not only includes cheeses but also yoghurts, cakes, fruits and nuts.

Fully equipped with ensuite bathrooms, aircon and complimentary Wi-Fi, this place is still very affordable.

Check out Tao of Sophia’s blog to learn about her stay in this hotel, and perhaps you too will be inspired to book your next trip to Lisbon.

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