How can you make the most out of winter? Visit these 8 wonderful winter getaways!

2017 has arrived, the holidays are officially over, and our normal life has begun again. For most of us, January is the moment where the winter blues might kick in. The party is over and the tedious wait for the summer has begun. Don’t let winter get you down! Explore the world and take on new adventures!

Are you waiting for the summer to arrive to pack your suitcase and hop on a train or plane? Is there a better moment than now to get off the couch and to start traveling? There’s no need to wait for warm summer nights to get on the road – there are numerous winter wonders that are definitely worth a visit and we’re happy to provide you with some inspiration!

8 great places to visit in winter

  1. Seville

If you’re looking for snow and malted wine, Seville might not be the place to go in winter. If you want a break from the cold while you admire beautiful architecture, dance the flamenco, and eat some delicious tapas, Seville should be your next travel destination. In January and February, Seville enjoys a pleasant average temperature of 12 degrees, giving you the perfect weather to wonder around the city. The traditional tapas Seville offers should definitely be an item high on your menu, and the cathedral and the beautiful gardens of the Alcazar Palace, together with many other beautiful sights, can’t be missed. Bonus: Seville welcomes fewer sightseers in winter so you won’t have to queue for too long to enjoy the city’s beauty. Want to get the best of both worlds and still enjoy all the snow has to offer? Plan a day trip and ski down the slopes in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

  1. New York

Pack your most stunning winter wear and wander the streets of New York in style. Stroll through Central Park, go ice skating at Rockefeller Center, or get creative and visit some world class art museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Guggenheim. Check out Yankee stadium or enjoy the ‘Beer, Bourbon and BBQ’ festival (January 28, 2017). Shop till you drop, hit the clubs, or try something different and attend the world renowned 141st Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (February 13-14, 2017). Get off the couch and stop experiencing New York vicariously through Sex and the City marathons – hop on a plane and live it!

  1. Athens

Have you ever visited Athens in summer to find yourself stuck in the hotel basking in the cool air of the AC unit? It’s time to pay this beautiful city a visit in wintertime. Benefit from the great store discounts offered in January and February and shop away. Athens is an amazing city for shopping and offers you all you need within walking distance of your hotel. Visit the impressive archaeological sites, such as the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, and the Herodeion Theatre without waiting in line for hours. Enjoy the vivid nightlife and all the delicious food that Greece has to offer without the summer crowds.

  1. Berlin

Is Berlin worth visiting in winter? Absolutely! Berlin always has numerous activities on offer, even during the winter season. The city offers endless options regarding art, culture, and technology. Held in early February, the annual Transmediale festival sees media art professionals, artists, activists, and students from all over the world gathering to establish new connections between art, technology and culture. Hit the bar for the best beers and delicacies. Visit the best art museums and indulge in all-day breakfast. Don’t leave Berlin without tasting the winter edition of Club Mate – an enormously popular caffeine drink to help you enjoy Berlin’s seemingly never-ending nightlife and immerse yourself in the ‘raw’ and creative underground House scene!

  1. Nice

France is always a huge summer hit and is definitely a hit in winter too. Escape to a friendlier climate and make your way to Nice. Visit the beautiful old town, the specialty shops, majestic churches, and markets full of local goods. Admire the stunning architecture and original fixtures. Order the rose house wine highly recommended in the region. Try socca, the traditional street food of Nice made of chickpea flower. Enjoy the view from Le Chateau and check out Napoleon’s old apartment. Wander along the beach or take a daytrip to Cannes – famous for its movie festival – or the country of Monaco.

  1. Vienna

Put on your warmest winter coat and don’t forget your gloves, hat, and shawl. Vienna isn’t the warmest place to go, but it is oh so beautiful when it’s cold! Wondering what to do? Vienna offers a broad range of great museums, some of them showcasing multimedia installations and 3D cinema. Travel in time and catch up on your history by learning all about this notable city. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day, made that much more relaxing when it’s more than a little chilly outside. Vienna has a comprehensive, inexpensive, clean, and reliable public transportation system that can get you anywhere in the city, so admire the city warm and cozy in a convenient bus or tram. Have a cup of coffee in a famous coffee house, such as Café Korb, Café Leopold Hawelka, or Café Central, some of which have been around for over 300 years.

  1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers you a great escape in winter, though not a very warm one. However, with the great museums, “brown” cafes, array of restaurants, and plentiful theatres, you will neither be cold nor bored! Wander around the beautiful canals throughout the city center (be careful though – bridges can get awfully slippery!) or check out the museum quarter and visit the Van Gogh museum, the Stedelijk Museum, and the Rijksmuseum. Invite some winter cheer in some great traditional bars in the old Jordaan district after having visited the ecological market at the Noordermarkt. Given how easy it is to relax in the city’s many cozy coffee shops, your visit could be over before you know it. Make sure to explore more than the city center and hop on a tram to drink some crafted beer at Brouwerij ‘t IJ or take a ferry to explore the creative and industrial area of Amsterdam Noord.

  1. Nicosia

Nicosia is a lesser known but spectacular winter destination on the unique island of Cyprus. Treat yourself to a delightful climate, enjoy a truly wonderful city, and embrace Nicosia’s natural splendor, historical treasures, and the wonder of Cyprus’ breath-taking coast. Wander around old town, sweat it out in a Turkish bath (Homeriye Hamam), and indulge in delicious Greek delicacies. Hire a car to explore and admire the island’s three Unesco World Heritage Sites: the Byzantine-painted churches, the Neolithic settlement of Choirokoitia, and the city of Paphos, famous for its ancient remains – villas, palaces, theaters, tombs, and Roman mosaics.

Would you like to make the most of winter and start of the year on an adventurous note? Book your next trip to one of these great destinations. Would you love to treat someone to a special winter break? Give a Hotel Gift card!

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